5 Ways Yoga Can Transform You in 30 Days

5 Ways Yoga Can Transform You in 30 Days


Can yoga change your life? Ask anyone who’s practiced yoga enough, and you’re sure to get a positive answer. The question now is, how? Let’s dive into yoga’s metamorphic power.


Why 30 days?


Following a regular practice over the course of 30 days is not only habit-building, it’s also enough time for our bodies to change, and for us to become cognizant of that connection.

“We can see changes in our body and become aware of how we evolve(d) on the mat, which is both a physical and mental thing.”

Throughout the next 30 days and beyond, here are the five ways yoga can transform you:

1. Yoga makes your body stronger and more flexible


These days, yoga classes are becoming more challenging as clients are looking to meet their fitness goals with strength and cardio workouts.

“People want to be more active in the summer and physical practice can definitely transform your outward appearance.”

There’s nothing wrong with starting yoga as a training in physicality. It’s a source of myriad benefits from improved recovery and flexibility to endurance and toning.

2. Yoga gives you a safe avenue to practice self-love


Regularly practicing yoga for 30 days is life changing in the way that it forces you to place importance on yourself and your own well-being.

What constitutes a regular practice?

“It’s not just what fits into your schedule. It’s about intentionally carving out time to make this hour for YOU.”

Creating rituals for self-love – in any form – is essential to each person’s confidence and self-assurance. Yoga is one tangible and accessible way of doing it.

3. Yoga introduces meditation into your life


With or without even intending it, yoga leads you into a meditative state – a form of “moving meditation”, when it’s combined with asanas.

“For those who don’t know how to meditate, yoga makes meditation accessible.”

The practice puts you in a place and guides you to focus on where you are, at the present. “That’s what meditation is about after all. It’s about being somewhere you chose to be in and focusing on that moment.”

“In my teaching I ask students to clear everything that doesn’t serve its purpose for the practice at hand.”

4. Yoga paves the way for healthier habits


They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. That makes 30 days more than enough time to integrate this healthy habit into your daily or weekly routine!

A month-long programme gets you mentally and physically accustomed to a regular practice – it builds momentum to keep you going after the first four weeks.

Doing yoga two to three times a week is already a good start. Most of us might not have the physical or mental capacity to do something intense everyday. We’re not asking that of our students. It’s essentially about creating a habit, making it part of your daily life. That consistency eventually impacts your whole way of living!”

According to her, one doesn’t even need a mat to practice yoga. It’s just an instrument to “make you aware of the space around you.”

“If you can’t make it to a class or if it doesn’t fit at all, carve out time to stretch or work on your posture. Once you start feeling the change in your body and mind, it makes you want to come back for more, and it’s a domino effect from there.”

5. 30 days of yoga sets yourself up for a deeper and more powerful practice for life


Finally, 30 days of yoga sets you up to deepen and strengthen your practice – designed to make a long-term impact beyond the month-long period.  

“Once you ingrain a regular and transformative practice, there’s no end to it. You can always get deeper in some level whether physical, mental or spiritual.”


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