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Transformation Begins Here – Sculpt, Tone, Strengthen, Stretch.

Work hard, get results with Flex’s premium training, specialising in Pilates, Yoga, Xtend Barre, Aerial Fitness and Cardio Conditioning.

The Home Of Intelligent Fitness in Hong Kong & Singapore

Flex Studio is known as the place to go if you want to achieve a noticeable improvement in health and wellbeing. Flex’s aim is – and has been since we opened in 2005 – to provide professional, cutting edge concepts to all ages, stages of life and fitness levels, helping our clients live happier, healthier lives. Celebrating 15 years in 2020, we have not only broadened our repertoire of classes to include more forms of Pilates, yoga, Xtend Barre and cardiovascular training, but have also opened a second studio in Central, expanded our FlexKids program, introduced world-class Pilates equipment and now host regular wellbeing and fitness workshops with local and visiting experts. At Flex Studio, healthy and sustainable fitness with a bespoke focus is key to everything we do. By working with our committed team of highly experienced instructors, you will see and feel a rapid improvement in your physical and mental health, joining the ever-growing tribe of those committed to a life of wellness.

Experience. Professionalism. Variety.

Former professional ballet dancer Anna Serafinas Luk and Pilates and yoga guru Heather Thomas Shalabi – the co-Directors of Flex Studio – combine many years of practical and teaching experience. Together, they have assembled a team of Hong Kong’s finest and fully qualified Pilates, yoga, Xtend Barre and fitness trainers to help you tone, lengthen, strengthen, stretch and breathe. Flex’s team represents such methods as Polestar® Pilates, the Body Arts and Science Method (BASI®), Ron Fletcher Pilates, Baron Baptiste Power Flow, Paul Grilley Yin Yang, K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga yoga and more.


Interested in joining one of our classes or seeing a fitness trainer at either of our HK studios? Check availability and reserve your place using our online booking system. Or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Who Is The Flex Client?

It’s you. It’s your husband. Your teenager or child. It’s the marathon runner, the tennis player, the office worker, Pilates enthusiast, yoga obsessive or total beginner. It’s those who understand that living well means moving better, feeling stronger, looking healthier. Our clients want to get the most from their workout.

They seek trusted trainers and variety, not fads. They enjoy a pristine, contemporary boutique environment, soft towels, luxury shampoos, the latest equipment and staff who think of them as friends. Our clients are informed about wellness and we aim to help them learn more.

At Flex, you’re not just going to the gym. You’re changing your life.

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