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Detox, Yoga, Pilates, Aerial Fitness, Teens, Kids, Sports Conditioning, Pre and Post Natal and many more – all designed to help you look and feel your best.

Flex’s professional workshops are run by experienced trainers and visiting international experts.


Introduction to Beginner Pilates Classical Reformer 6-week Course

3 September – 8 October Saturdays at 2pm with Louis

15 October- 19 November Saturdays at 2pm with Louis


Alleviate Body Pain with Yamuna Body Rolling

Saturdays from 4:30-6:00pm

 20 Aug | 17 Sep | 15 Oct | 19 Nov | 17 Dec

Introduction to Beginner Pilates Classical Reformer 6-week Course

12 September- 17 October at 6:45pm with Peter (FULL)

21 September- 26 October at 6:30pm with Juan (NEW!)

24 October- 28 November at 6:45pm with Peter (NEW!)

Introduction to Beginner Classical Reformer 6-week Course

Mondays at 6:45pm with Peter So and Wednesdays at 6:30pm with Juan Carlos Raches | Central

Saturdays at 2pm with Louis Won | One Island South

  • Designed to take complete beginners through all the key concepts of Classical Pilates starting with the essential Reformer and mat repertoire
  • Enables practitioners to efficiently and correctly practice in a group setting.
  • Exercises will support proper activation of the abdominals, effective breathing techniques, spinal mechanics and postural awareness.
  • Individual attention given to each participant, to establish a proper Pilates foundation with correct technique.

Fees: HK$2,380 for 6 sessions

Reboot Your System – 7 Day Detox Programme

with Tryphena Chia

One Island South | October 13-21 2022

In this transformative detox, cleanse your digestive system and liver, the body’s two most important detoxification organs, with a 3 or 5 day vegan diet/juice cleanse with one of our partner brands. Learn how to control the mind’s cravings and weakness through pranayama and meditation, and how food and chemicals affect the body and mind.

Detox safely and effectively, and protect yourself and family against disease and illness.


The 7 Day Programme includes:

  • Five scheduled Detox Yoga classes
  • Pre Detox talk on Thursday October 13 at 12-1pm
  • 30min Individual Nutrition Consultation (Zoom)
  • One 60min Private Yamuna Body Rolling session
  • 30min Infra Red Sauna session at Sense of Touch
  • Add on 3 or 5 day vegan/juice cleanse

Fees: $HK2800 – 10% off early bird until Sept 15

Limited slots available, maximum 10 participants



13 October Thursday 12-1pm Pre Detox Talk

17 October Monday 12pm Detox Flow Yoga 

18 October Tuesday 6:30am Detox Flow Yoga

19 October Wednesday 6:30am Detox Flow Yoga

20 October Thursday 12pm Detox Flow Yoga

21 October Friday 12pm Detox Flow Yoga

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