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Flex’s professional workshops are run by experienced trainers and visiting international experts.


Introduction to Beginner Pilates Classical Reformer [Trios] 6-week Course

3 September – 8 October Sundays at 2pm with Louis


Alleviate Body Pain with Yamuna Body Rolling

Saturdays from 4:30-6:00pm

 18 Jun | 16 Jul | 20 Aug | 17 Sep | 15 Oct | 19 Nov | 17 Dec

Introduction to Beginner Pilates Classical Reformer 6-week Course

1 August- 5 September Mondays at 6:45pm with Peter

12 September- 17 October at 6:45pm with Peter (NEW!)

Introduction to Beginner Classical Reformer 6-week Course

Mondays at 6:45pm with Peter So | Central

Saturdays at 2pm with Louis Won | One Island South

  • Designed to take complete beginners through all the key concepts of Classical Pilates starting with the essential Reformer and mat repertoire
  • Enables practitioners to efficiently and correctly practice in a group setting.
  • Exercises will support proper activation of the abdominals, effective breathing techniques, spinal mechanics and postural awareness.
  • Individual attention given to each participant, to establish a proper Pilates foundation with correct technique.

Fees: HK$2,380 for 6 sessions

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