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Flex’s professional workshops are run by experienced trainers and visiting international experts.


Introduction to Beginner Pilates Classical Reformer 6-week Course

19 August- 23 September 2023 Saturdays 2pm (NEW!)


Yamuna Body Rolling Workshops

Saturdays from 4:30-6:00pm

21 October YBR for Lower Back

18 November YBR for Better Posture

9 December Save Your Shoulders with YBR

Introduction to Beginner Pilates Classical Reformer 6-week Course

27 August- 8 October Sundays 3pm with Ivy (FULL)

17 September- 29 October Sundays 1pm with Ivy (NEW!)

Instructor Workshops with Noam Gagnon

The Mighty Arm Chair
Thursday 26 October | 5:30pm- 8:30pm
One Island South

Although small, the Baby Arm Chair is an incredible versatile and powerful piece of apparatus. It is a perfect addition to all workouts and for practitioners seeking to strengthen their practice, improve posture and integrate core muscles through calibrated, deliberate exercises on this delicate piece of equipment.

For Pilates Instructors only.

HK$1600 for two workshops, HK$1000/ 3 hour workshop

Creating Movement with Touch
Friday 27 October | 3:30pm- 5:30pm

Developing sensitivity in our hands is essential for instructors. Through touch, we transmit the background of an exercise with clarity and correct movement effectively. In this workshop, learn which tactile stimulus to choose, depending on the corporal characteristics of students.

For Pilates Instructors only.

HK$1600 for two workshops, HK$800/ 2 hour workshop

Client Workshops with Noam Gagnon

Head to Toes Reformer

Thursday 26 October | 11 am-1 pm
One Island South

Saturday 28 October | 4pm- 6pm

Deepen your practice with a better understanding of this incredible piece of apparatus designed by Joesph Pilates.

HK$800 per workshop

Deepening Your Foundation

Friday 27 October | 6:30pm- 8:30pm

Saturday 28 October | 1pm- 3pm
One Island South

Define your center and the role of the seat in all Pilates exercises. Explore how it assists, anchors and drives exercises on all apparatus and in all positions.

HK$800 per workshop


About Noam Gagnon, Founder, Beyond Pilates Inc., Vancouver

Noam began studying the Pilates Method in 1987 and received his first reaching certification from The Pilates Centre of Boulder Colorado. He is also a graduate of The Pilates Master Program by Jay Grimes- a first generation teacher who studied with Joseph Pilates. Noam is also a Level 3 faculty teacher for the Franklin Method.

Noam’s techniques aim to reflect the goals and intention of Joe and Clara Pilates’ original 8th Avenue studio in NYC.

Introduction to Beginner Classical Reformer 6-week Course

Sundays at 1pm and 3pm with Ivy Lam| Central

Saturdays at 2pm | One Island South

  • Designed to take complete beginners through all the key concepts of Classical Pilates starting with the essential Reformer and mat repertoire
  • Enables practitioners to efficiently and correctly practice in a group setting.
  • Exercises will support proper activation of the abdominals, effective breathing techniques, spinal mechanics and postural awareness.
  • Individual attention given to each participant, to establish a proper Pilates foundation with correct technique.

Fees: HK$2,380 for 6 sessions

Save Your Lower Back with Yamuna Body Rolling

Saturdays from 4:30-6:00pm with Kazuyo Forrer | Central

This lower back workshop is great for stiff lower back pain, herniated disks, or sciatica. The routine works to connect your abdominal muscles with your spine to support healthy lower back function.

Building on our popular monthly Yamuna Body Rolling workshops, we are offering specialized workshops from July through December 2023 to hone in on specific issues- from tight shoulders to strained lower back, these workshops will bring your body back into optimum functional health in a very relaxed way, with your muscles becoming more balanced and your body correctly aligned.

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