Flex Offers both Classical and Contemporary Pilates classes, to suit all client levels and preferences.


Dynamic and fast-paced, Pilates’ Allegro classes allow participants to work on their own apparatus, guided through a series of exercises which target the Powerhouse (abs, glutes, thighs and back muscles). Participants develop improved balance, coordination, flexibility and muscle tone with Pilates. The spring resistance of the Allegro allows participants to challenge strength and stability in a safe environment.

Pilates HK is one form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen the muscles while improving posture and flexibility. For the longest time, it has been tagged as the exercise of models because it targets the core and other parts of the body. Whether you have equipment to help you or not, you can expect slow and precise movements coupled with breath control. A strong core brought about by the exercise helps you move freely while you get an improved posture, flexibility, and mobility.


On the lookout for a Pilates studio in Hong Kong? Flex Studio offers a dynamic and fast-paced allegro class so participants can use their own apparatus, guided with exercises that target the Powerhouse or the abs, glutes, thighs, and back muscles. Participants of Pilates class in Hong Kong can expect an improved sense of balance, flexibility, coordination, and more toned muscles. The Allegro uses a spring resistance which challenges the strength and stability of the participants but with experts overseeing their safety all throughout.


Find the suitable Pilates Hong Kong classes that suit your body. You will be asked to undergo private assessment to know which to target and how to go about the process. The result? A tailored exercise program for your body.

Classical Pilates

Pilates Private Assessment. Your First Step to Transformation.

Knowing where to start your Pilates fitness journey can be overwhelming .  Start with Flex’s Bespoke Pilates Assessment, the most effective way to understand the Pilates system, your body’s specific needs and appropriate class level, and efficiently plan your workout program.  The Assessment starts with a Reformer workout, during which the Instructor will observe your body’s mechanics, followed by a short spin on the Mat.  Based on his/her observations, the Instructor will finish the session on other apparatus with exercises tailored to to challenge and re-balance your body.


After the Assessment, the Instructor will design a bespoke workout plan designed to meet your fitness goals and address any key concerns you may have.  He/She will also direct you to appropriate group classes to augment your training.  Whether you plan to take private sessions or group lessons, a Private Pilates Assessment is your key entry point for achieving peak physical performance. Prepare to sweat, stretch, and learn about your body under the guidance of HK’s most experienced instructors in this valuable 60 mins session. 

Private Pilates Flex

Pilates Private Training

Put your body in the hands of a real fitness guru and watch transformation unfold in the way you move, look and FEEL about your body. A private Pilates session in our Classical Pilates studio will change and improve your approach to movement for life. In each session, our experienced, fully certified instructors will assess, challenge and move your body to a performance level you didn’t realise was your true capacity. Using Classical apparatus, following Joseph Pilates’ original system of Contrology, each bespoke session will push you to your peak physical potential. Personal Pilates also leapfrogs improved posture goals, post natal recovery and rehabilitation.


Suitable for all levels. Private Assessment, plus minimum 10 Private Pilates training sessions recommended.

Classical Pilates

Pilates Trios

Work your abs harder on the Spine Corrector, challenge your strength, balance and stability on the Combo Chair, and learn NEW exercises on the classic Reformer – Pilates Trios are a fantastic way to use more equipment at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Dynamic and fluid like an Allegro class, with more personal correction from the instructor.

Pilates Allegro Classes

Pilates Allegro

Introduction to Pilates – Foundation

An 8-week course designed to take complete beginners through all the key concepts of Pilates, enabling practitioners to efficiently and correctly practice in a group setting. The course introduces the apparatus, training on proper usage, and key principles of Pilates including: proper activation of the abdominals, effective breathing techniques, spinal mechanics and postural awareness.  Suitable exercises will be taught in support of these introductory concepts, and individual attention will be given to each participant, to ensure they establish a proper Pilates foundation with correct technique. Offered 3 times per year.

Pilates Allegro

 Level 1 – Beginner

Flow through a warmup of fundamental Allegro exercises, and learn more complex repertoire including the Stomach Massage series, Short Box series, Long Stretch series, and splits. These exercises build strength and stability, and promote increased flexibility and balance. The moderately paced flow keeps the workout moving, with enough dedicated time spent on teaching the new series. Suitable for those with a Pilates Allegro Foundation (i.e. have an understanding of The Hundred, prone series on box, basic Long Stretch series, basic mat work and various arms/legs in straps series).

Pilates Allegro

 Level 2 – Intermediate

A briskly paced class, Level II workouts flow through approx 15 Fundamental and Beginner warmup exercises in the first 10-15 minutes of class. The balance of class is spent introducing intermediate exercises in the Long Box series, Short Box series, Rowing, and Long Stretch series among others. Within each class, the instructor will focus on a specific series and go deep, to thoroughly work the Powerhouse, intensify concentration, control and balance. The class flows with no break, turning the session into a sweaty, moving meditation of muscular intensity. Flowing transitions will be introduced to keep up the pace. Suitable for those with an active practice, and familiarity with exercise terminology and sequencing. Must have mastery of all Foundation and most Beginner exercises.

Multilevel – Beginner/Intermediate

Designed to suit a range of levels, Multilevel classes are open to those with basic Pilates knowledge, and more experienced practitioners.  Modifications and progressions will be given to ensure everyone works to his or her ability, enabling more advanced students to get a real workout, while beginners practice safely and correctly.

Mat & Allegro Combination – Levels I & II offered

Mix it up with a combo of mat and Allegro exercises. Students should have prior Pilates experience, as they will move between the mat and the Allegro equipment, performing challenging exercises to fast-paced choreography. This class is for those who like the core control work offered in mat class, coupled with the stabilization and strengthening found with Allegro. Be prepared to work up an internal heat.

Chair Pilates

Allegro & Combo Chair – Multilevel and Prenatal (Central Studio)

Uniquely at Flex, this combination class uses the Allegro machine for a warmup sequence and ab series, then puts you to the test on the Combo Chair. The Combo Chair is excellent for challenging balance and stability, as it provides a smaller base of support against spring resistance. Excellent for functional movement training, rehabilitation and prenatal, the Combo Chair is one of the most versatile pieces of apparatus, and can be used to both challenge and assist exercises for different populations. Flex is pleased to offer this unique, hybrid class with a limited capacity of 6 participants.

Contemporary Pilates

Pilates Allegro

BLT (Bums, Legs & Tums)

The perfect class to tone, strengthen and reshape your BLT, areas which can be difficult to keep strong and lifted. This class will incorporate tough exercises at a brisk pace, with essential stretches to build lean muscles without the bulk – the real benefit of Pilates-based exercises versus circuit style training.

Fat Burn Pilates

This session starts with core Pilates abdominals on the mat, light resistance hand weights, and fitness-based sculpting and toning exercises. Using the Allegro jump board, walk, run and jump to increase your heart rate and work up a sweat. You may even find yourself skipping, swimming or even skiing, all on the reformer! Feel your whole body come alive, especially the abdominals, legs and definitely the glutes. Benefit from stronger muscles, joints and improved bone density. Not only will you feel the burn, you will also burn off unwanted calories!

Some Pilates Experience required.

Pilates Allegro

Ab Blast Pilates

We know, we know – no matter what you do, you just can’t get that flat belly you used to have. Most workouts incorporate some abs, but not enough to really alter your physique. This class is a game changer. You will be pushed to your belly limits as you sculpt abs, whittle in your waist, and develop core oblique strength for better sports and everyday performance. The perfect top-up to your workout regime.

Suitable for those with a basic Pilates foundation.

Classical Pilates Mat Flow

Classical Pilates Mat Flow

A total body tone-up, fabulous for beginners and a great alignment-reminder for more experienced practitioners. Following the Classical sequence of Mat exercises, this class focuses on the essential principles of Pilates work, targeting the Powerhouse (abs, glutes, thighs). Mat work helps to develop improved posture and core control, which in turn allows practitioners to move effectively and efficiently. You’ll be surprised at how hard it is working with only a mat, but you’ll be delighted with the results!