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Comprehensive Classical Pilates Teacher Training Program at Flex Studio


If you are searching for the perfect time and place to pursue your continuing Pilates education, you’ve found it!

Flex is proud to announce its affiliation with REAL Pilates in New York as a Host Site for Teacher Training. REAL Pilates honours the legacy of Romana Kryzanowska and training is rooted in the authentic Classical method, as learned by Alycea Ungaro.

Hong Kong 8th cycle and Singapore 3rd cycle training cycle starts in 2024. Enquire for details.

The trainings are conducted in our new Singapore studio, fully equipped with Gratz and Pilates Scandinavia classical apparatus. Seminars are conducted in English, and are supported with weekly online learning via Canvas. The Bridge and Primary programme is a comprehensive 450-600 hour course Apprentices complete in approximately nine months.


Flex Studio is a host site for Alycea Ungaro’s REAL Pilates Teacher Training (RPTT), an internationally recognized Classical Pilates training programme. Those who complete the training are certified 3rd Generation Classical Pilates instructors in the lineage of Romana Kryzanowska.


Singapore 3rd Cycle starts in 2024

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Hong Kong 8th Cycle HK 2024 Schedule

Beginner – February 22-25
Intermediate I – April 11-14
Intermediate II – June 6-9
Advanced – August 15-18

Apply Now – http://www.realpilates.com/application
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Course Information

Trainings are conducted in Flex’s spacious studios, fully equipped with Gratz and Pilates Designs classical apparatus. Seminars are conducted in English, and are supported with weekly online learning via Canvas. The programme is a comprehensive 600-hour course which Primary Apprentices complete in approximately one year.


Seminars are broken out into: Beginner, Intermediate I and II, and Advanced; each one is 18 hours in length. Apprentices can expect to spend an average of 15-20 hours per week on required hours for: observation, homework, practice teaching, self-mastery, research and group class participation, in addition to 2x weekly Privates and Semi-Privates. Upon passing the Intermediate test-out, Apprentices may be offered the opportunity to begin teaching at Flex.


Learn more about RPTT Lead Trainers here


Mandatory Training Package

Payable to Flex Studio in HKD. Includes 60 sessions broken out into 20 Privates @ HK$680 each and 40 Semi-Privates @ HK$500 for a total of HK$33,600 (over the course of 30 weeks).

Pre-Apprentice Package

By recommendation upon Assessment. This option is for those who wish to take the course, but still need to prep the material before sitting the first seminar.

10 Privates + 10 Trios/Quartets HK$13,000 valid 2 months

20 Privates + 15 Trios/Quartets HK$23,750 valid 4 months

30 Privates + 20 Trios/Quartets HK$34,500 valid 6 months

Packages above are subject to a HK$499 handling fee

Why Train Classical?

The life’s work of Joseph Pilates cannot be fast tracked, and the responsibility we all share in promoting and preserving his legacy is profound. As a graduate of Real Pilates Teacher Training (RPTT), you will become a part of this legacy.

“The teacher training pushed me out of my comfort zone, as I was expected to start teaching from day one. I have always been a shy person who is reluctant to come under the spotlight unless it’s absolutely necessary. Beyond my expectations, the programme helped me conquer my biggest fear through the weekly and teaching hour requirements. With the guidance and mentorship from both RPTT and Flex team, I found my teaching voice and confidence. Also, the programme brought my own Pilates practice to the next level and I am happy to see the positive changes in my body.”


Amber Tsui, 2020 Graduate of the Real Pilates New York Teacher Training Programme

REAL Pilates Teacher Training Program

RPTT teaches Classical sequencing and repertoire, as well as the ability to “think” about the moving body in front of you and deliver the most effective and rewarding sessions for Pilates students. The result is success as a professional Pilates instructor.


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  • To bridge from contemporary to classical Pilates instruction
  • To train new Classical instructors from scratch
  • To grow a new teaching vocabulary
  • To advance your vocal cueing, alignment and learn new hands-on techniques
  • To connect to the lineage of Joseph Pilates through the teachings of Romana Kryzanowska
  • To identify as a 3rd generation teacher


At the end of our time together, you will have developed a completely new teaching skill set.


Apprentices should expect to commit approximately 20 hours per week, and complete the program within one year.  It’s a commitment, and upon certification, you’ll have a whole new career!


The cost for Primary 600 hour tuition is US$5,630. Pro rata fees are due for each seminar 1 weeks before start date.

Become a Third Generation Teacher!

Xtend Barre Training at Flex Studio!



31 January- 3 February 2024 with Anna Serafinas Luk

The Xtend Barre basic repertoire training consists of 22 hours training over 3 days held at Flex, an affiliated Xtend Barre studio.

31 January 4pm- 8pm
1 February 1pm- 8pm
2 February 1pm- 8pm
3 February 10:30am- 2:30pm

Contact our One Island South Studio for course information and application process.

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