Flex Yoga

Transform and empower your mind and body with Flex Yoga. At Hong Kong’s premier fitness studio, we train elite. We train strong. We are the destination for power yoga. Our team of strong and experienced instructors is here to level up your practice, leaving you feeling empowered, strong, and energized. Our power yoga classes are designed to build a stronger body to deepen your practice, whether it is moving with your breath in a Power Flow or toning your body in a Power Sculpt class.

Victor Chau

Power Flow Yoga

This fitness-based yoga will focus on strength and conditioning through an intensive, yet mindful flow. In this class, students will tone, build endurance, and improve flexibility with a series of asanas that will challenge the mind, breath, and body. Students will be introduced to skills that will help build the foundation for a stronger, more advanced practice.


This multilevel class is open to all levels, though prior yoga experience is recommended.

Yoga Wheel – Stretch & Strengthen

Prepared to feel stretched, lengthened, and strengthened with the versatile yoga wheel prop. You’ll elevate your posture and discover poses your body’s never yet explored. Self massage and gentle core work will wrap up the practice, leaving you feeling relaxed and a few inches taller.

Hatha Yoga

One of the oldest and traditional forms of yoga, Hatha yoga uses asanas, breath, and meditation to achieve better health, as well as spirituality. This popular type of class is one of the most accessible form of yoga practiced around the world. There are over 84 documented Hatha yoga postures, with a number of variations to promote balance of the mind and body. Postures are generally held longer, to promote strength, and can help to improve posture and circulation in organs, glands, and muscles tissues.

This class is great for beginners who are new to exploring the practice of yoga and for those looking for a slower paced practice. Open to all levels.

Stretch and Release Yoga

Relax and restore the mind and body with this gentle healing practice. The therapeutic class allows your body to fully relax and open up. Postures will be held longer to allow you to get deep into stretch to release tension and stiffness. This stress relieving practice will open up space in the body and reset the mind, leaving you feeling light and released.


This class is great for beginners who are new to exploring the practice of yoga and for those who want a restorative stretch after a workout or a long day at work. Open to all levels.


Core Fusion Flow

Sweat and work in a full and complete yoga workout focusing on the core. This effective Pilates-inspired class is for anyone and everyone who wants to tone and strengthen their powerhouse in a creative and dynamic – but most of all, effective – way. Having a strong core supports all other physical activity – from protecting the lower back to bringing stability and power to any yoga practice.

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