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Fun Fitness Classes for Kids and Teens


Flex is a firm believer that growing bodies need to move to ensure good physical habits for life, allowing for better sleep, posture, physical and mental abilities.


Our program is specifically designed with this in mind and as such, we provide a comprehensive and fun offering for kids and teens, ranging from yoga to Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Tae Kwan Do and Aerial Performance.


We host regular open houses with free trial fitness classes, working closely with parents and caregivers to ensure children are not only getting stronger and healthier but that they love to get moving!

Flex Kids & Teens Summer Camp

5 – 30 July Monday-Friday at Flex Studio One Island South

Aerial Fitness, Pilates and Xtend Barre Classes for Kids & Teens are back this summer at Flex Studio One Island South!

Kids and teens LOVE the range of movement they experience in these classes as well as that wonderful feeling of spinning and flying. Set them up for the right movement for life from a young age.

Ages 6-10 | Aerial Tue, Wed & Thur from 6-29 July at 3pm with Cherrie Leung

Ages 11+ | Aerial Tue, Wed & Thur from 6-29 July at 4pm with Cherrie Leung

Ages 11+ | Pilates Allegro* Fridays at 4:30pm July 9, 16, 23 & 30 with Anthi Vu

Ages 11+ | Teen Xtend Barre Fridays at 5:30pm July 9, 16, 23 & 30 with Dina Magat

HK$380 Drop-in; HK$3,200 for any 10 sessions in the same age group

*Pilates Allegro/Xtend Barre HK$1,280 for 4 sessions

Aerial Fitness Kids

Let their spirits fly! The “Flyers” classes incorporate more challenging Yoga-oriented sequences and poses, plus fun tricks to engage your growing child. The certified instructor will lead Aerial Yoga sequences for your child to swing, stretch, spin, balance, strengthen core muscles, and expand the imagination. He or she will discover a sense of independence while developing self-confidence, resulting in a happy and well-balanced child.

Summer Camp

Aerial Suspension Fitness for Pre-Teens

See your pre-teen soar with these exciting fitness classes that are sure to challenge and empower. Facilitated by fully-qualified instructors, pre-teens will learn a range of maneuvers and poses in suspension, while having a world of fun in the process. Whether it’s their first fly or they have done it before, our instructors know how to cater to all fitness and ability levels to ensure each participant gets the most out of their classes.

Aerial Fitness Just Kids Intro

It is a child’s inherent nature to laugh, swing, spin, climb, flip and play. When a child plays, the spirit soars. This class is guided by certified fitness instructors who specialize in working with children. In our classes, your child will be engaged and encouraged while he or she swings, stretches, spins, balances, strengthens core muscles, and opens the imagination. Let them discover the fun of exercise while developing courage and self-confidence.

Teen Pilates

These fitness classes give teens of all ability levels a head-start on understanding the principles of proper posture and alignment, how to stretch certain muscles to avoid musculoskeletal imbalances, improve balance and core strength. Participants start on the mat using small props to make the class both fun and challenging, and then they move to the Pilates Allegro machine for dynamic movements using light spring resistance.

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