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Work hard, get results with Flex’s premium training, specialising in Pilates, Yoga, Xtend Barre, AntiGravity® Aerial Fitness and FLEXtreme Fitness (cardio conditioning and strength training)


Work hard, get results with Flex’s premium training, specializing in Pilates, Yoga, Xtend Barre, AntiGravity® Aerial Fitness and FLEXtreme (Cardio, Strength & TRX®)


Flex has a professional Pilates class to suit everyone. Strengthen and reshape while improving posture and daily movement in general. We boast a range of cutting edge equipment, including the Reformer for privates, Allegro for groups, three Towers for privates and trios and – coming soon – the Wunda Chair. Mat classes are also available.

Flex prides itself on its professional and inspiring yoga instruction, offering classes from Hatha, to Detox Flow to AntiGravity® and many more. The program ensures practitioners of all levels are taught by passionate teachers to enhance body and mind. Our light-filled, contemporary studios are an oasis of calm in a bustling city.

Looking to achieve the lean and long figure of a dancer? Flex Studio has the answer with our Xtend Barre classes, all of which incorporate dance-inspired moves blended with the strength and sculpting of Pilates. Xtend Barre combines coordination, rhythm and cardiovascular fitness (and you don’t need to have any dance experience!)

Flex Sweat Flextreme

FLEXtreme is an entirely new program of 50-minute classes. Choose from Sweat, Power or TRX – Cardio, Strength Building or the global sensation of TRX Suspension Training. FLEXtreme takes the same professionalism and effectiveness of our other Flex Studio classes into one focused and targeted package, creating a stand-alone strength and weight loss program exclusive to Flex.

Flex is now THE home for the most comprehensive and professional aerial practice. AntiGravity® is the brainchild of Christopher Harrison, a pioneer in the aerial arts and the originator of the Suspension Fitness and Aerial Yoga genres. His original method involves the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock – aiming to improve physique and health while having a fun and inspired work out experience.

Flex believes growing bodies need to move to create healthy habits for life, such as correct posture, better sleep and improved mental focus. We provide a super fun offering for various ages, ranging from AntiGravity® Fitness, Pilates and Tae Kwan Do. We host open houses and work closely with parents and carers. Active children are not only stronger and healthier, but they  love moving – and move well!

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Benjamin Degenhardt

A Gymnastic Movement Masterclass with Benjamin Degenhardt

Benjamin is very much a “movement culture” guy, and these classes are designed to highlight the relationship between “Pilates exercises” and pure, functional, multi-planar movement, some of which are similar to moves seen in gymnastics. The classes are simply a fun way to show where the work of Pilates can go to challenge the body in a fun and playful way, beyond the context of the studio. In these classes, there is no right or wrong movement, just fun exploration of the body’s potential. You’ll get a lot of laughs and a lot of sweat, and learn to view Pilates’ work in a new, way, full of freedom and the joy of movement. All levels absolutely invited to join these delightful sessions
ONE ISLAND SOUTH Fri, Jan 18 and 25 – 9.45am – 11am
CENTRAL | Fri, Jan 18 and 25 – 1.30pm – 2.45pm 
$700 for both masterclasses or $390 per masterclass


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