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Flex has a variety of packages to suit clients, whether they have a packed or flexible schedule.

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Retail Price

Pay-as-you-go classes to give you the flexibility to train however you like. No joining fees, no monthly commitments.

Group ClassHK$340
Allegro ClassHK$380
Pilates TrioHK$485

Credit Rates

Rates per class when you buy a credit package (see below for available credit packages starting HK $2,800)

Group ClassHK$280
Allegro ClassHK$320
Pilates TrioHK$450

Credit Packages

Buy credit packages and use the amount for any class offered at the studio.

2,800 credits
Valid for 45 Days
6,200 credits
Valid for 60 Days
HK $6,200
9,240 credits
Valid for 3 months
Save $440
18,060 credits
Valid for 6 months
Save $1,260
31,680 credits
Valid for 9 months
Save $2,880

Private Training

Private training is the best way to get the most out of any type of class. You can use your credit package for any of the private classes.

60-Minute Private Training


Private Pilates AssessmentHK$750
Director’s RateHK$1,250
Private PilatesHK$1,100
Semi-Private Director’s RateHK$750 per person
Semi-Private PilatesHK$650 per person
Trio PilatesHK$485 per person
Quartet PilatesHK$400 per person
Private Yoga/AerialHK$1,050 per person
Semi-Private Yoga/AerialHK$700 per person
Trio Pilates Yoga/AerialHK$500 per person
Quartet Yoga/AerialHK$440 per person

75-Minute Private Training


Private Pilates/YogaHK$1,200
Semi-Private Pilates/YogaHK$770 per person
Trio Pilates/YogaHK$550 per person

90-Minute Private Training


Private Pilates/YogaHK$1,375
Semi-Private Pilates/YogaHK$900 per person
Trio Pilates/YogaHK$575 per person

Private Skype Sessions (NEW!)

Arrange private video call sessions with an instructor from Flex. Also available on WhatsApp Video, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts. Call the studio or your instructor to book a session.

Introductory price for one (1) Skype SessionHK$690
Introductory price for Four (4) Skype SessionsHK $2,500
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