Namaste Saturday – A Day of Support for Nepal

Namaste Saturday – A Day of Support for Nepal

9th May 2015

Flex Studio Island South and Central

“It is devastating to see a crisis happening in a country filled with such beautiful people and lush countryside, especially one which has already suffered such a turbulent past. Many of us in Hong Kong have travelled to Nepal to experience this amazing country, and as such we have an obligation to offer a humanitarian hand and do what we can to help. The worst thing we can do is nothing. Every effort to raise awareness and support cumulatively adds up, and we have the ability to make difference. Namaste Saturday at Flex is an opportunity to get involved, and show support for our neighbors in crisis.”

Heather Thomas Shalabi, founder Flex Studio

Please join us this Saturday, 9th May, to raise funds which will go directly towards urgent medical care and supplies for Nepal’s earthquake victims through Karuna-Sechen.

Karuna-Sechen is an organization that has been working in the Himalayan region for over 20 years, managing humanitarian projects in Nepal, India and Tibet. Their ground teams are familiar with Nepal’s terrain and have been training medical units to deploy in response to disaster since 2013. They are actively working in Nepal’s worst hit, remote regions to deliver urgent medical care for victims. To learn more go to: .

Namaste Saturday:

  • All fees will be waived for group classes. In lieu, we request a minimum donation equivalent to the class drop-in price.
  • Private clients may choose to either waive their session fee and instead donate the equivalent amount OR deduct the session fee from their package as usual and make a minimum $250 donation.
  • A special Xtend Barre© fundraising class will be held in Central from 1-2 PM led by Heather Thomas Shalabi. Minimum donation $500.
  • Complimentary Koh Coconut water and select snacks will be served throughout the day.

Our very grateful thanks to sponsors SpiceBox, Green Vitamin, Food for Life, Punch Detox and Koh Coconut Water.

At Flex, we will make our direct donation to Karuna-Sechen by the 12th May.

Those unable to join us on Saturday may make donations directly on the Karuna-Sechen website at: All donations received before 31st May 2015 will automatically be directed in support of Nepal’s earthquake victims.


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