The Wonderful Wunda Chair!


The Wonderful Wunda Chair!

WundaChairYou may have seen a chair-like piece of equipment at a Flex studio and wondered what it’s meant to do. Is this where you get to sit down and relax? Ummm….no.

Known as the Wunda Chair, Low Chair or Pilates Chair, it’s one of Pilates’ most challenging workouts. However, it’s for everyone and every body (although not for the total beginner).

So what’s so good about it and what can it do for you?

Let’s start with its structure: it consists of a seat and a spring-loaded pedal. Several spring attachments allow for varying levels of resistance.

Function: provides added resistance against the body, a basic tenant of Pilates. The more resistance you can put your body against, the more endurance, strength, balance and agility you will have. BUT, it also requires a huge amount of balance and focus, which really connects mind and body. It’s truly excellent for strengthening the core, arms and legs. A myriad of exercises are done lying, sitting or standing on the chair, as well as positions on the sides. Expect a lot of stability and flexibility work.

Origin: the original was designed by Pilates the man, and was created to be used and easily stored at home (his were smaller and could be folded) and then could also double as household furniture.

What it achieves: You become stronger faster. There is less support, you can’t cheat, so it gets results and quickly. You will see improved balance and an immense improvement in body control, therefore posture will be enhanced.

Here are some examples of common Wunda Chair exercises:

Pull Up – standing on the pedal with palms down on the back edge of the seat, shoulders directly over wrists, you use your abs and buttock muscles, round the spine and the pedal slowly lifts from its base.

Mountain Climber – one foot is placed on the seat, the other foot on the pedal. Move into the position of a crouching lunge, holding your weight over the front leg and pump the pedal up and down with the back leg. Stay still and controlled.

Pilates Swan – you are face-down on your tummy on the chair, with both hands on the pedal. With the springs as support of the springs, your upper body is raised into a controlled backbend.

Double Leg Pump (ideal for abs, leg strength and pelvic stability) – Sit tall on front edge of the chair with feet on the pedal. Press pedal slowly towards the base. Keep pelvis and spine neutral by staying right on top of sit bones. Line up hips, knees and ankles in one line.

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