Drink This. Feel Great.

Ginger Juice

Drink This. Feel Great.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams has a secret weapon when doing a cleanse – a go-to drink that’s quick, tasty and boosts the mind and body.


The yoga instructor, board certified holistic nutritionist and co-founder of supplement group BodyAwakening (https://www.body-awakening.com/) says she drinks it every day when doing a cleanse.


Containing ginger, lemon, turmeric (if you choose) and the support of supplementary powders for gut health, it covers all bases for a strong immunity in the winter months. It also tastes fresh and has a spicy kick from the ginger.


“Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and supports digestion,” says Jessica. “Lemon is wonderful for supporting liver function and alkalising the body.”

Ginger Juice

Here’s the basic formula:

Run a 3 inch piece of ginger and the juice of one lemon through a juicer. Add turmeric if you wish to boost the anti-inflammatory content.

This simply goes into a glass bottle and gets filled the rest of the way with water.

Mix it with a spoon of TrueGreens and Probiotic+ Powder, or drink just by itself.

Jessica says that TrueGreens and Probiotic+ Powders add a healthy dose of the wonderful bacteria that keep our immune systems and digestive systems functioning properly.

Furthermore, they contain chlorophyll to further support detoxification by cleansing our blood and lymph fluid and also helping the liver do its’ detox work. 

So if you are doing a cleanse this new year, your tipple of choice is super simple.

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