The Benefits Of Being Intense


The Benefits Of Being Intense


You may remember the first time you learnt to swim. It wasn’t easy at first, but after a few intense sessions in the deep, you built up to being competent, if not pretty good. Maybe it was tennis, golf, or basketball … the same goes for them.

Funnily enough, when it comes to exercise in a studio setting, we seem to want to be ‘good’ at it immediately. And if we’re not, we give up. Sometimes, sore muscles or fear of not knowing which loop or handle to use put us off going back and the cycle of avoidance begins again.

But like anything worthwhile, reaping the benefits is a process. There is no greater example of this than Classical Pilates, which can initially seem daunting to those who have never used the equipment, or wrongly associate it with requiring innate physical abilities.

Classical Pilates

As Flex co-founder Heather Thomas Shalabi explains, however, if the above sounds like you, there is a way a beginner can learn from the ground up – and do it quickly.

“Intensives,” says Heather, “is the best way for beginners to really understand why they are doing something on the Reformer, for example, and how it benefits their day-to-day lives.

“If you wanted your children to learn how to swim, you would probably send them to an intensive and you wouldn’t expect them to be at the same level when they finished as when they started.

“The same goes with Pilates. If you take part in an intensive way of learning Classical, you are taught the benefits of a system, developing your practice, understanding what level you’re at so that you can then later choose the right class for you, improving on what you can do. That’s how you see real change.

“It’s like learning a language. You’re getting the foundations and then building on that. But with an intensive approach, you’re not spending years doing the same thing over and over again and never progressing to the next level. You get results sooner, which helps clients enjoy it so much more.”

How it works with Flex is this: the amazing Classical Pilates trainer-to-the-trainers and global Pilates sensation, Benjamin Degenhardt ( is at Flex over two weekends this month.

Benjamin will guide you through the order of exercises and the logic trail of the sequence of exercises and why we do them. In just six cumulative hours, learn better movement patterns through systematic training, and make the most of your Pilates practice.

Once clients have undertaken Benjamin’s unique intensives, they can step into any Flex class or practice alone with confidence. It’s getting that knowledge-based edge – and you get results. It’s ideal for beginners of all ages.

Want to join? Now is the time to book.

 Island South | Sun, Jan 20 and 27 – 10am – 1pm
Central | Sun, Jan 20 and 27 – 2pm – 5pm

$1600 For Both Sessions

$850 Per Session

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