Refreshing Rosella Tea

Refreshing Rosella Tea

By Martina Bin at Eat FRESH


Rosella (hibiscus) is in season right now and I’m enjoying drinking rosella tea at home. This tea can satiate your thirst very effectively so it is great to drink instead of commercial sports drinks. With strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties it can help with coughs and colds as it contains a significant amount of acid ascorbic (vitamin C). It is also good for reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure, relieving menstrual cramps and facilitating the digestion.

6-8 fresh rosella calyces
1 liter of water
Honey or your favorite sweetener

Add the calyces to the boiling water and boil for about 15-20 minutes until the water turns red. The longer you boil it, the more concentrate the juice will taste.
Pour into a cup, straining the calyces out.
Allow the liquid to cool before drinking.

I think this rosella tea is best served chilled with ice cubes but you can also enjoy a hot drink on a rainy day! Add honey or your favorite sweeter to taste just before drinking.

Martina is the director of Eat FRESH, a Hong Kong company that makes it easier for Hongkongers to eat organic, local, seasonal produce. Eat FRESH offers certified organic veggies, fruit, EU certified eggs and other kitchen pantry items for delivery (using minimum packaging) from Hong Kong farms that are HKORC-Cert (accredited by the International Federation for Organic Agricultural Movements) as well as Canadian Organic Association certified farms in Kunming, Yunnan. Check out their website, which is home to numerous recipes and lifestyle tips to help us all live a more healthy and sustainable life.
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