Q&A: Eva Wong Jumps From Tech To Pilates Teacher Training

Q&A: Eva Wong Jumps From Tech To Pilates Teacher Training

We highlight the apprentice journey of Eva Wong, who embarks on a Classical Pilates Teacher Training from a background in the technology industry.

As the Real Pilates Teacher Training at Flex Studio picks up speed, we talk to Eva Wong, who is currently undergoing the 4th Cycle of the apprenticeship in Hong Kong. Unlike many of our previously featured instructors who come from a background in dance and movement, Eva comes from a completely different industry: technology. 

Currently holding a senior managerial role at Amazon Web Services, Eva has been working in technology for almost 20 years. After five years of practicing and falling in love with Classical Pilates, Eva finally decided to take the leap and train as a Pilates instructor. This month, she talks to us about her journey as a Pilates apprentice:

Can you give us a little background about yourself?

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I moved to Australia when I was thirteen. After I completed my degree, I decided to come back to Hong Kong and got my first job in technology doing business development. Ever since, I have stayed in Hong Kong and the technology industry.

Prior to Pilates, what was your fitness regimen like? 

I started exercising in university, working out in the campus gym between lectures. Back then, my workout was very cardio-based. I have been staying active ever since, trying many different types of workout including bodypump, kickboxing, yoga, spinning, cross-fit, dragon-boating and more!

That’s a lot! How did you discover and stick to Pilates after all that? 

I’ve always had lower back issues from an old injury, and suffered serious back pain during pregnancy. That led me to do clinical Pilates with my physiotherapist. After experiencing how Pilates strengthened my whole body, I wanted to carry on practicing after delivery, and started working out at Flex to repair my post-natal body and further build on my strength and stamina.

How long have you been training at Flex? How or why did you join this studio in particular? 

This is my fifth year with Flex… I appreciate the ambience and the professional team that understands my needs and helps me to work towards my goals. I love Classical Pilates with its systematic approach and emphasis on precision and control. 

What made you decide to take the leap and sign up for full-on Classical Pilates teacher training in Hong Kong?

I’m passionate about Classical Pilates and always want to deepen my learning and perfect my skills. When I learned of the instructor programme, I immediately jumped on the opportunity.

Considering there are a few other programmes out there, why did you decide to do this particular teacher training with Real Pilates and Flex Studio? 

Classical Pilates, specifically taught in this programme, appeals to me…  the emphasis on technique and form, the intentionality when performing the exercise, and constant challenging of the self. I also like the Real Pilates programme, which puts a big focus on practical skills, helping me to learn through practice and observation.

How far along the teacher training are you? What do you think of it so far?

I completed my beginner module and just started the Intermediate I module. It was overwhelming at the beginning yet exciting. I have learnt so much about the movements, the history of Pilates and what Classical Pilates is really about. It has been one of the best learning experiences I have had.

What were your expectations compared to what you’re getting now? 

I signed up for the course with the aim to deepen my practice and I have gained so much beyond that – how to present myself, brush up my communication style, develop an empathetic approach with clients to focus on their goals – these are great skills for every individual.

What do you hope to achieve after the teacher training? Do you plan to teach Pilates full time? 

I definitely want to excel in my Pilates practice and progress to the advanced level. I would be interested in teaching as I enjoy the person to person interaction and feel great when I’ve have given my clients a good workout.

What kind of Pilates instructor do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in the future? 

My teaching style is encouraging yet challenging my clients to excel, informed by my own experience of how Pilates helps to meet my health and fitness goals depending on what my body requires in different stages of life. I aspire to work with my clients on a holistic approach – to incorporate Pilates as part of their wellness & fitness goals in the various stages of life. I definitely see myself continuing to practice Pilates, as I often tell people, Pilates is an exercise you can keep doing into your 90s.

Flex is proudly affiliated with REAL Pilates in New York as a Host Site for Teacher Training. REAL Pilates honours the legacy of Romana Kryzanowska and training is rooted in the authentic Classical method, as learned by Alycea Ungaro. Each Intake Cycle Starts around September of each year. For more information, visit flexhk.com/teacher-training

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