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Hong Kong's Premier Pilates Studio Now In Singapore

Flex Studio is proud to announce we have opened a brand new studio in Singapore, located in Palais Renaissance. It is fitting that Flex should bring the gold standard of Classical Pilates client tuition and teacher training to the educated and sophisticated consumer market in Singapore; we look forward to the growth of this market.

With an educated and sophisticated consumer base, Singapore was identified as an ideal market for Classical Pilates. Like the Hong Kong clientele, Singaporeans are well-traveled and demand the best in class. However, to date Singapore’s Pilates market has been fragmented, and it was only fitting that Flex should bring the gold standard of Classical Pilates training to the unique market in terms of both client tuition and teacher training.

Flex Studio and Real Pilates New York announce Classical Pilates Teacher Training

Next Training Cycle in Singapore Starts August 2023!

Flex Studio is a host site for Alycea Ungaro’s REAL Pilates Teacher Training (RPTT), an internationally recognized Classical Pilates training programme. Those who complete the training are certified 3rd Generation Classical Pilates instructors in the lineage of Romana Kryzanowska.

The trainings are conducted in our new Singapore studio, fully equipped with Gratz and Pilates Scandinavia classical apparatus. Seminars are conducted in English, and are supported with weekly online learning via Canvas. The RPTT programme is a comprehensive 600-hour course which Primary Apprentices complete in approximately nine months.


Singapore 2nd Cycle 2023 Schedule

Beginner 17 to 20 August
Intermediate I 28 September to 1 October
Intermediate II 9 to 12 November
Advanced 11 to 14 January 2024

Places are limited! Secure your spot by Applying Now.


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Flex Studio is the Region’s Premier Classical Pilates Studio

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Client Training Services

Pilates Private Training

Put your body in the hands of a real fitness guru and watch transformation unfold in the way you move, look and FEEL about your body. A private Pilates session in our Classical Pilates studio will change and improve your approach to movement for life. In each session, our experienced, fully certified instructors will assess, challenge and move your body to a performance level you didn’t realise was your true capacity. Using Classical apparatus, following Joseph Pilates’ original system of Contrology, each bespoke session will push you to your peak physical potential. Personal Pilates also leapfrogs improved posture goals, post natal recovery and rehabilitation.

Suitable for all levels. Private Assessment, plus minimum 10 Private Pilates training sessions recommended.

Classical Group Trios

Group Trio (three in a class) sessions on Classical Pilates equipment. Work your abs harder on the Spine Corrector, challenge your strength, balance and stability on the Wunda Chair or Tower, and learn NEW exercises on the classic Reformer – Pilates Trios are a fantastic way to use more equipment in a semi-private setting. Dynamic and fluid like a Reformer class, with more personal correction from the instructor.

Available in Level I, Level I/II and Level II

Classical Reformer Quartets

Reformer Quartets (four in a class) offer personalised attention in small group settings, which teach the Pilates method according to Classical Pilates sequencing on the Reformer. Whether you had been attending our dynamic Trio classes, or actively participate in Privates, these Quartets are for YOU! Fully immerse yourself in a Reformer FLOW, to both refine your current practice and properly learn Classical sequencing. Experience amazing physical benefits and insights, as well as sharp mental focus, in these targeted sessions. Learn the Classical sequence to master your body and mind.

Available in Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate I, Intermediate I, Intermediate I/II and Intermediate II levels.

Meet Our Founder - Heather Thomas

Always a movement enthusiast, Heather Thomas has been teaching Pilates for two decades.  Her recognition of Pilates’ benefits  and passion for the discipline led her to embark on intensive training, completing her full Studio certification in 2002. She later studied traditional Pilates through Benjamin Degenhardt’s 360° Pilates  in 2016, and received 3rd Generation Classical Pilates certification with Alycea Ungaro’s REAL Pilates in 2018. Heather is a Lead Educator for REAL Pilates, and conducts multiple training cycles in Hong Kong and Singapore every year.

 Read more about Heather’s background HERE

Who We Are

Flex has been Hong Kong’s home of intelligent fitness since opening in 2005 and is the city’s only Classical Pilates Studio. Our philosophy is simple: professional trainers, a wide variety of classes, spacious studios and evolving concepts rooted in classical tradition. Our classes are highly effective to ensure clients achieve maximum results whether through private, trio or group sessions

We cater to a range of levels from total beginners to athletes, children and teenagers, pre/post natal and those recovering from injury.


You can find us at:

Flex Singapore
390 Orchard Road
#05-02 Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871
Phone: +65 9111 6855
Email: [email protected]

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