FLEX Fitness is a targeted fitness program designed to burn fat, tone muscles and boost energy by combining interval training with the strong foundations of Classical Pilates for which Flex is famed. FLEX Fitness’ signature classes include: Sweat (cardio for FAST fat burning) Power (total body tone-up) and TRX® Circuit (tone, burn and improve agility). This three-pronged approach to exercise is scientifically proven to make you feel good, look and live better for longer – while also having fun!

All sessions utilize decades of Pilates-based concepts mixed with circuit methods to ensure you work out safely and efficiently. Our FLEX Fitness Program Director, Andrea Ramirez Soto, has been recreating bodies for 17 years and brings a talented team of inspirational instructors to Flex. Witness changes to body and mind you never thought possible. All fitness levels welcome.


Cardio HIIT Training

Torch fat. Boost Metabolism. Fast!

50-minute class of innovative high intensity interval training! Circuits of cardio and core exercises that will crush your personal best, defining and sculpting your body to then switching to actively recover without slowing the burn. This class is designed for everyone and suitable for all fitness levels, you can work at your own pace and will leave you feeling accomplished and energetic!


What Do I Get From A FLEX Sweat Class


  • Burn between 500-800 calories per Sweat sesh
  • Carefully curated by our professional trainers for maximum effect
  • Nail your 150 minutes of cardio per week to reap the full health benefits, including lower risk of disease and protection against injury
  • Exercises include squats, long jumps, general functional training – circuit-style with Pilates foundations
  • Increase performance and energy levels and decrease body fat in just 50 mins!

Power Tone Circuits

Get lean. Tone muscles. Feel strong!

This class combines elements of high- intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training. The Circuits consists of a consecutive series of timed exercises performed one after the other with varying amounts of rest between each exercise. Low impact movements are performed focusing on technique and resistance. This class has many (Work At Your Own Pace) options, which will leave you feeling accomplished.


What Do I Get From A FLEX Power Class 


  • Build lean muscle and improve bone density
  • Commit to 2 strength training sessions per week to reap the FULL benefits of regular exercise, including lower disease risk, reduced body fat and protection against injury
  • Exercises include battle ropes, weights, bosu balls and kettle bells while utilizing Pilates principals of core engagement and total body workout
  • Targets every major muscle, builds power and shreds body fat
  • Strengthen and tone muscles while you improve your range of movement in just 50 mins!

TRX Circuit

Total Body Strength. Improves Balance. Energy Plus!

TRX Circuit incorporates the TRX plus other high-intensity training, giving you the ultimate workout using the TRX. This class delivers a fast, effective total-body workout whilst building a rock-solid core. This class is designed for everyone and suitable for all fitness levels, you can work at your own pace and will leave you feeling accomplished!


What Do I Get From A FLEX TRX® Class


  • Targeted muscle toning
  • Full stretch and release with total core engagement
  • Improves balance and agility
  • Fast-paced circuits for energy boost
  • Ideal strengthening complement to sports or other physical activities
  • TRX® band allows tailoring to your own needs and abilities
Personal Training Flextreme

FLEX Fitness Personal Training

The ultimate in Personal Training is here! Fitlates combines Flex Studio’s expert Pilates instruction with FLEX Fitness and Strength training in a one-hour, highly-effective session with the trainer of your choice. Stretch, strengthen and feel the burn with a powerful work out at a time that suits you. Have fun, get results – FAST! Book now to enjoy this unique hybrid concept with leading FLEX Fitness trainers Andrea Ramirez, Raul Bravo and Juan Carlos Raches (also certified, experienced Pilates instructors).

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