Level-up your qualifications with Flex’s advanced teacher training programs and workshops

Ready to develop your skills even further? Flex offers Teacher Training programs for Instructors who want to have more to offer.

Our lead trainers are world-renown experts who have dedicated their lives to fitness. Past trainers include Alycea Ungaro, Yamuna Zake, and Benjamin Degenhardt.

We strive to continue education of all instructors in our studios. Classes can be taught on-site or online.

Learn from only the best at Flex!


PostponedApprentice Preparation for Intermediate Test OutTiziana Trovati
PostponedGuest WorkshopsMiguel Silva
PostponedReal Pilates TT Bridge ProgramTBA
Mid-June (TBA)Real Pilates TT Intermediate II &
Real Pilates TT Advanced Seminars
Alycea Ungaro
Teacher Training Alycea Ungaro

Comprehensive REAL Pilates Teacher Training Program

Lead Trainer: TBA

Flex is proud to announce its affiliation with REAL Pilates in New York as a Host Site for Teacher Training. REAL Pilates honours the legacy of Romana Kryzanowska and training is rooted in the authentic Classical method, as learned by Alycea Ungaro.


Beginner & Intermediate I | Postponed

Intermediate II & Advanced | TBA Mid-June


450-hour Bridge Program | US$4,200

600-hour Bridge Program | US$5,630

RPTT teaches Classical sequencing and repertoire, as well as the ability to “think” about the moving body in front of you and deliver the most effective and rewarding sessions for Pilates students. The result is success as a professional Pilates instructor. Read RPTT FAQs here.

POSTPONED | Miguel Silva of Uno Pilates Comes to Hong Kong

26 March – 1 April


We’re excited to welcome Miguel Silva of Uno Pilates for seven (7) days of Workshops & Master Classes! Known as a “teacher’s teacher,” celebrity instructor Miguel was certified by the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates by Fabien Menegon of the Romana Krysanowska lineage. You’re also invited to try out Gratz’s new archival reformer while visiting Flex Studio Hong Kong.

Special Series: Five Foundation Blocks of the Reformer

2-6PM at Flex Studio One Island South

In this special series of 4-hour workshops across 5 sessions, we take foundation Reformer exercises to other apparatus and learn why and how this is useful to fully understand the Pilates system—and beneficial to the body for challenge, strength, balance and control. What can we learn as Instructors and practitioners by working the body in this way?

26 March Warm Up / Alignment
27 March Upper Body Flexibility
30 March Upper Body Strengh
31 March Lower Body Strength
1 April Back to Calm / Alignment

For advanced practitioners and instructors.

HK$1,200 each workshop
HK$5,500 all five workshops

March MATness Master Mat Classes

Classical Mat Flow
Fri 27th March 12PM OIS
Sat 28th March 1:15PM Central

Reformer Mat/Extreme Ab Challenge
Mon 30th March 6:30PM OIS
Wed 1st April 12:15PM Central

High Pole Mat Class (Prop Challenge)
Tue 31st March 12PM OIS

Price: HK$390

Instructor Privates and Semi Privates available upon request; email info@flexhk.com or central@flexhk.com

Moving Into Inversions Pilates Style
28th March 3-7PM Central

What does it take to do a handstand on the High Barrel or Wunda? How do we move three-dimensionally in space to perform the Rollover, Control Balance or Canopy work on the Cadillac? Use the Pilates system to flow with ease and find the joy in these inversions!

Price: HK$1,200


Miguel Silva is co-founder of Uno Pilates. Known as a “teacher’s teacher,” he lectures at conferences and seminars all around the world. With over 15 years of experience, Miguel was one of 12 to enter the highly regarded certification program “The Work” at Vintage Studio Pilates under the mentorship of Jay Grimes himself. His is also Co-Owner of Uno Pilates Studio (Zurich, Switzerland) and a Teacher at Pilatesology.

POSTPONED | Tiziana Trovati Master Instructor of the Month for February

UPDATE: Tiziana Trovati’s visit has been postponed. Watch this space for updates on her schedule at Flex!

14 February | Central

2:30pm – Instructor Semi-Private Training

19 February | Central

4:00pm – Instructor Semi-Private Training

21 February | Central

2:30pm – Instructor Semi-Private Training

26 February | Central

4:00pm – Instructor Semi-Private Training

28 February | Central

2:30pm – Instructor Semi-Private Training

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Tiziana Trovati grew up training in ballet and modern dance. She later embraced Pilates to enhance her strength and form. In 1993 she moved to New York City to further pursue her dancing career. While in New York Tiziana seized the opportunity to study Pilates under Romana Kryzanowska and became a certified instructor in 1998. She is the only teacher-trainer for Romana’s Pilates in Orange County, California, and has been a guest teacher at both national and international Pilates events.

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