Flex Studio is the leader in physiotherapy Hong Kong. We provide different physiotherapy classes to help bring relief to a variety of conditions. Prior to any session, we make sure that everyone goes through a health screening and physiotherapy assessments to avoid complications.


We understand that muscle strain or injury slows down your efforts to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. We work together to help address and overcome issues that you may have after an accident, repetitive strain, injury, or child birth.


We keep our classes small so that everyone can have ample space to move and for our experts to oversee everyone properly. Our physiotherapists are certified Pilates instructors who can guide you through your journey.


We use Clinical Pilates alongside physiotherapy in the treating of a broad range of injuries and conditions that involve the back or neck. We focus on balance, flexibility, strength, posture, core stability, and breathing through different physical exercises.

We also have Postural Strengthening and Stretching which aims to help improve the overall posture of people by relieving tension, building muscle, and improving their cores. Poor posture reduces muscle function, affect blood circulation, and cause joint pains.


Pain can be quite unbearable but with the help of professionals and with the appropriate exercise routines, these pains will vanish. Physio Hong Kong picks you up from where the injuries happened, help you find red flags, and prescribe the activities that you can undergo to overcome the pain. Our professional physiotherapist can help you build the proper exercises that will help you gradually get into the perfect shape while you recover from all that hinders you to get active and healthy.


Need physio help? Talk to one of our experts, go through the assessment process, and get ready to live without the pains that bother and slow you down.

Clinical Pilates In Central HK

At Flex Studio, your health and wellbeing is our priority. In addition to our group classes and other services in Hong Kong, we also have Physiotherapy services.

Enjoy Pain Free Mobility With Our Physio Services

Don’t let muscle strain or injury compromise your fit and active lifestyle. Our goal at Flex is to work together with you to overcome any issues you may be having, whether caused by accident, injury, repetitive strain or child birth.

Our experienced  physiotherapists are also certified Pilates instructors.

Clinical Pilates is often used alongside  physiotherapy to treat a broad range of injuries and conditions, especially those involving the back or neck. It focuses on balance, strength, flexibility, posture, control, core stability and breathing through various forms of physical exercise. Postural Strengthening and Stretching aims to improve overall posture by relieving tension, improving the core and building muscle. Even slightly poor posture can potentially reduce muscle function, affect circulation and cause joint pain. Our physio will use a variety of techniques to help you find improvement in both the short and long term. The combination of their skills as a physiotherapist and a clinical pilates instructor will bring about  pain relief, increased strength and flexibility, better posture, overall improved function and injury prevention.

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If you have any questions about visiting our physio at either our central Hong Kong or Island South studio, please do  contact us directly; one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to respond to your questions.

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