How To Be Better At Your Job

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How To Be Better At Your Job

Three times a week, a group of co-workers from the offices of Hong Kong’s The Executive Centre (TEC, arrives at Flex and sweats it out in a Pilates class.

They are men, women and all various shapes and sizes. Some had never done Pilates until they came with their co-workers as part of Flex’s corporate program.

So how have their fared from this corporate initiative? Do they enjoy it?

“The response from the team has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Chris Pennicott, Corporate Director – Operations, for The Executive Centre. “Not only are we collectively fitter, stronger and healthier, but working relationships between teams have improved as a result of time spent together outside the office.”

Furthermore, the team is enthused about coming to class.

“Our team has enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills, testing their limits and ultimately seeing improvements in strength, coordination and flexibility,” adds Chris. “Our sessions with Flex are something we genuinely look forward to each week.”

TEC’s experience is not unusual in the increasingly common occurrence of corporate wellness initiatives.

According to a report by Grand View Research Inc, the global corporate wellness market size is expected to reach USD$84.9 billion by 2025.

According to a study conducted by Harvard economists, absenteeism costs fall by USD $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness programs, reports Grand View Research (

The Executive Centre

TEC is at the forefront of this approach to taking care of employees. So how did they get started?

As Chris explains, TEC is in the business of supporting its Members by providing an exceptional work experience – everything from office setup to wellbeing, it aims to provide complete support.

“We wanted to ensure that our own team had access to the same kind of benefits and support that we offer our Members,” he says.

“Wellness-at-work initiatives offer a host of benefits – they create a healthier environment, increase productivity and reduce illness and injury. With this in mind, TEC saw an opportunity to unlock these benefits through the Flex corporate program.”

Now, after almost nine months of regular weekly workouts, the group is a shining example of the positives such a move can make.

Our team is healthier, happier and better because of time well spent outside the office,” says Chris.

For those companies seeking to do something similar, TEC’s reason for choosing Flex was firstly proximity (both TEC and the studio are based in Wong Chuk Hang) as they wanted to make it easy for the team to travel between the office and the studio. But Chris adds it was more than this. There was “the variety of classes, the personalised support and the exceptional in-studio experience helped us determine that Flex was a great partner”.

The best part is that when the workout is done, lunch is a welcome treat.

Chris describes the team as feeling energised, refreshed, challenged and ready for lunch.

“Our sessions with Flex are a great opportunity to connect with members of our wider team and develop relationships across the business, all while really working up an appetite!”

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