The Fit Five

The Fit Five

Sally Adair Pilates Instructor Hong Kong

New to Flex Central, Sally Adair is a former professional dancer turned Pilates and TRX superstar trainer. To give you an insight into one of our talented trainers, here are five answers in five minutes.

1. Why do you train/teach/instruct at Flex Studio?

Flex has really established itself as a brand. The high quality of instructors who work there attracts other quality instructors to become part of something special. Also, the clients are very self motivated, easy to teach and eager to learn. That makes my job very enjoyable.

2. What makes you good at your job?
I love to see people reach their health and fitness goals. I’ve also been privileged to learn from incredible master trainers from overseas.

3. If there were one piece of advice you could give about Pilates, what would it be?
Don’t let inflexibility stop you from reaching your full potential. Pilates is a journey; your body evolves with you.

4. Sunrises or Sunsets? Why?
Sunsets, as it usually involves a sundowner!

5. Homebody or travel addict?
I used to be a mad travel addict when I was a dancer. I’m saturated now and have become a homebody – I love to just hang out with my two boys.

Sally is currently teaching Power Mat Pilates with props, Pilates Allegro TRX and Pre-Natal Pilates Allegro.

Sally Adair

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