Detox Is Not A Dirty Word

Jessica Williams

Detox Is Not A Dirty Word

Jessica Williams

Like ‘fake news’ and ‘clean eating’, the word Detox tends to divide people.

But as it’s coming up to another New Year – and almost everyone who has enjoyed the Christmas festivities a bit too much will tell you – this means getting back into healthier habits when the party’s over.

At Flex, we believe in a balanced approach to staying active and eating well throughout the year. That’s why we know that modern life gets in the way – and that’s OK.

So for those who would like to reset quickly and make a difference at a time of year when temptation is less likely, a New Year Detox – done right – can be just what we need.

Furthermore, a professional detox is not about feeling like you’re denying yourself life’s pleasures. It’s a chance to see and feel how making better choices for your body and mind can feel more like serious gain, rather than loss.

Here, Flex yoga instructor and Detox pro Jessica Williams explains:

“I’ve never thought of the word detox as a dirty word, but yes I do think the word has become ‘dirty’.

“There is a lot of misinformation both for and against detoxing/cleansing and I think some people are scared by what they don’t understand and others want a quick fix” 

Jessica says she struggles when reading articles about how detoxing is bad for your health or how the body doesn’t need to release toxins.

“This response just doesn’t make sense, as  we are exposed to so many more harmful substances than our ancestors were,” she says. “Air pollution, chemicals in our water, chemicals in our shampoos and deodorants, food chemicals like artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides and the list could go on and on forever.”

Flex Detox

Beat Sluggishness

Many anti-detox reports say the body is perfectly capable of detoxifying itself. Yet Jessica explains that in addition to outside chemicals, our body naturally creates by-products that have to be neutralised and eliminated.

“The simplest example I can give is breathing,” she says. “We breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide because we have to remove it from our bodies. 

“The same holds true for all of our biochemical processes. So yes, while the body has systems in place to detoxify unsafe substances, it’s easy to imagine how in a modern day world, our detoxification organs can become sluggish and overburdened and this can cause us to eliminate harmful substances at a slower rate, or even store them in our bodies.

“And what happens in that situation? We feel unwell, we function below our potential, we suffer various symptoms and eventually we get sick.” 

Fads Don’t Work

Jessica also does not recommend people use one single product, such as a detox tea or just one herbal supplement to detox.

“It’s a much more holistic process than that and one that we should give some time and attention to rather than approaching like a fad diet (which by the way I also do not recommend!!).”

Jessica herself has done many detoxes, and says she throws in a bit of liquid fasting to help your body’s natural processes.

“I’ve tried every possible method and approach to cleansing and try to combine the best of what I’ve tried,” she adds. “My own detoxes vary depending on what’s going on in my life and also what season it is.

“My approach is to stay in touch with the wisdom of my body, in terms of what the cleanse involves and how long I follow it.” 

Get A Personal Approach

Jessica’s New Year Detox at Flex is not a liquid fast. It combines yoga, nutritional advice, support and nutritional supplementation.

“I mostly want to teach people how to take care of themselves and keep themselves healthy,” she says.

“I feel strongly that detoxing is a missing part of that formula for the majority of people. I draw on my experiences and try to give people options so they can modify and adjust the program so it’s suitable for them.”

She also ensures her programs provide the body with a lot of concentrated nutrient support, even if calories are being reduced, such as fibre.

“The added fibre works better than a strict juice cleanse, both for clearing waste from the intestines and also for balancing blood sugar and helping you not feel hungry.

“I also give a lot of personal support. I understand that if you are new to detoxing that it can seem daunting.”

Is It Safe For Me?

The truth is, Jessica stresses, pretty much everyone can safely do some version of a detox.

“Yes, there are certain times and health conditions where you wouldn’t want to restrict calories like if your pregnant, still growing or you suffer from a heart condition,” she says.

But anyone and everyone could benefit from a week or two where you eliminate all the top food allergens plus any foods you know that you’re sensitive to.

In this instance, you’re not reducing caloric intake, but giving your immune system time to settle.

“There is a great deal of healing that comes from that type of cleanse.”  

How Will I Feel?

There is no gold medal for doing the longest most intensive detox. There is the goal of learning something about yourself, improving your diet and lifestyle, giving your body time to heal and allowing your detox to be a steady process.

If you take this approach, you will definitely feel the benefits.

As Jessica says: “I feel like a totally new person after I detox. It’s the reason I love this process so much. I always look and feel better and I always break away from the food habits/choices that have crept in like relying on caffeine or a bit sugar when I am tired.” 

Then there is the fitness and mind-body benefit of the regular yoga practice.

“Yoga is pretty important. Moving, breathing, sweating – they all help your body eliminate toxins,” she concludes.

“But yoga also helps to release negative thoughts and emotions. Those also get stored in our body and it doesn’t serve us to keeping hanging on.”

Take your New Year health into your own hands and join Jessica on the mat at our bright, spacious and modern One Island South studio. 

This detox includes supplements, daily yoga classes and nutrition lectures. You will be guided through a safe and effective cleansing program suitable for individual needs. Yoga, meditation and pranayama will further aid physical and emotional detox. Register by 31 Dec to receive 10% early bird discount off original price of HK$3900. Additional Service: Food intolerance testing (HK Bioteck labs) $2,800. Please contact [email protected] directly for Consultation bookings.

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