Getting Things Done with Trixie Velez

Getting Things Done with Trixie Velez


Setting goals at the beginning of the year is a great exercise in Getting Things Done. Whether small chores or big life changes, having a concrete goal and setting your focus on achieving it can be the difference between the satisfaction of ticking something off the list or seeing it reappear day after day – ultimately between success and endless procrastination. If you haven’t set your goals for 2016 yet, don’t worry, it’s never too late. Plus Chinese New Year is coming up for that secondary new year boost. Read on for Trixie’s tips on how to make 2016 your most productive yet.

Why is setting goals in general important?
Having goals is not just important but in everything you do, you should have a target. There should be a reason you are doing something, and it is the goal that makes us strive.

Do you have any mentors to help you set goals?
I am a very determined person anyway, and believe that if you really want something, you will do it. However, one phrase that resonates with me I heard at a convention where sports conditioner Peter Twist said, “Whatever you wanna do, do it now!” 

Are there any particular techniques that you would recommend?
Set specific goals and make a timeline for them. Whether long-term or short-term goals, every day your path should lead towards them. And make sure you give 100% to everything you do, as small things add up to the whole.

How do you keep organized?
Being organized can be a challenge itself, but if you are truly passionate about your goal you’ll find nothing can stop you. It’s actually all mental – you think about what you want to do and it happens.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep focused, however passionate you are. How do you keep prioritizing your intentions?
Write your goals on a board or put some visuals up somewhere you can see them every day. Perhaps beside your bed or your mirror in the bathroom so you can see them before starting your day. Or make it part of your phone’s wallpaper so every time you grab your phone you will be reminded of them.

And how do you avoid getting disillusioned?
We are all human and we have the tendency to lose our patience and faith from time to time. All you have to do is set your mind, acknowledge there will be highs and lows, imperfections or even failures, but that they will simply be part of an amazing journey towards your goal. So keep your mind strong and always be positive.

What are some examples of goals you have set and achieved?
One is when I decided to be a Fully Certified Pilates instructor. I had done other teacher trainings before and taught classes, but the Pilates repertoire is not easy. However, I wanted it because I told myself I “wanna” do it. So I took every step – training, mentoring and exams. After a lot of patience, hard work, dedication and passion, finally it happened. 

Another very relatable one was losing weight and changing my eating habits. A lot of people may not believe me but when you train every day, as I do for a living, and burn tons of calories, you can tend to be careless about what you eat. I loved to snack on unhealthy choices and it took years to retrain my taste buds and get used to a new lifestyle. It was rough but nothing can beat willpower! 

With the January Fitness Challenge, how will goal setting make the challenge easier? What are the most important aspects challengers should put into practice in order to achieve it? 

  • Remember, if you want to change something, you have to do something about it.
    Set your goal.
  • Be in it, on it and with it.
    This year you will start great and you will never regret putting 100% to whatever you do.
  • Things will not be perfect all the time, but through your journey you will learn that it’s not about how perfect it is, it’s about your determination to finish the challenge.
  • And finally, it’s not for anybody else, it’s for your own health and your own fitness! 

Read more about the Flex January Fitness Challenge here

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