We Are Very Well-To-Do

Heather Thomas Shalabi

We Are Very Well-To-Do

Flex has gone global!

This month, UK-based welltodo.com – a wellness news platform with a global reach – has featured Flex Studio co-founder and director Heather Thomas Shalabi in their latest Founders Series section.

The comprehensive interview looks at Heather’s journey from a small suburban workout space to a three-studio health and wellness influencer in Hong Kong, exploring her views on fitness, gym/studio concepts and how the industry has evolved in the city.

Furthermore, welltodo provides an insightful report on the Hong Kong fitness and wellness industry as a whole.

Read both stories here:

Heather Thomas Shalabi, Founder of Flex Studio On: Creating A Blueprint For Hong Kong’s Fitness Market

The Hong Kong Report: Wellness Trends, Growth and Market Opportunities

Creating A Blueprint For Hong Kong’s Fitness Market

Hong Kong Report Wellness Trends and Growth Market Opportunities


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