Stretch, Sculpt, Tone, Strengthen – say hello to the new and better you.

Who We Are


Flex is a premium, boutique fitness studio recognized as Hong Kong and Singapore’s home and Teacher Training centre for Classical Pilates. At our elegant branches in Southside and Central, we cater to the needs of individuals across all fitness levels through our highly flexible and personalized range of small group classes, workshops, retreats, corporate packages and instructor training.


Choose from our selection of Pilates, Yoga,Xtend Barre and Yamuna® Body Rolling sessions to create the perfect program for you. We do not require any memberships that lock you into a contract, understanding that you need and deserve the flexibility that several other gyms in HK do not provide. Start your wellness journey with us and enrol in one of our classes today!


Our Philosophy


Mind and movement lie at the heart of what Flex is about. We focus on both physical and mental well-being across all of our services.

Transformation Begins Here – Sculpt, Tone, Strengthen, Stretch.

Get The Premium Fitness Experience at our Studios in HK’s Central & Southside and Singapore


Work hard, get results with Flex’s premium training, specialising in Pilates, Yoga and Xtend Barre

Flex holds professional Classical Pilates sessions to suit varying needs. Strengthen and reshape while improving posture and daily movement. We boast a range of cutting edge equipment, including the Reformer for groups, as well as Towers, Wunda Chairs, the Cadillac, and more for privates and Trios. Classical Mat classes are also available.

Flex prides itself on its professional and inspiring yoga instruction, offering classes from Hatha and Detox Flow to Aerial and Power Sculpt. The program ensures practitioners of all levels are taught by passionate teachers to enhance body and mind. Our light-filled, contemporary studios are an oasis of calm in a bustling city.

Learn this self-empowering, self-healing tool which allows you to problem solve, prevent, and maintain all your body parts now and in the future. Yamuna® Body Rolling is an anatomy tool that teaches you how to work all your body parts correctly. Yamuna® Body is an effective alternative to solutions such as orthopedics, acupuncture and physiotherapy.

Looking to achieve the lean and long figure of a dancer? Flex Studio has the answer with our Xtend Barre classes, all of which incorporate dance-inspired moves blended with the strength and sculpting of Pilates. Xtend Barre combines coordination, rhythm and cardiovascular fitness (no dance experience required!).

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Flex has always supported women seeking to stay active and healthy during and after pregnancy. Our Pre and Post Natal instructors – all mothers themselves – are fully qualified to assist clients throughout every stage of their pregnancy and beyond. We have Pilates, yoga and fitness based classes specifically designed to provide a safe and caring experience.

Flex is a firm believer that growing bodies need to move to ensure good physical habits for life, allowing for better sleep, posture, physical and mental abilities. Our Kids & Teens programme is specifically designed with this in mind and as such, we provide a comprehensive and fun offering ranging from yoga to Aerial Hammock Yoga & Fitness, Pilates, and Teen Xtend Barre.

Enrich Your Mind And Body With Our Team Of Professional Trainers

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