Xtend Barre®

Xtend Barre

Looking to tone and sculpt your body to achieve the lean and long figure of a dancer? Flex Studio has the answer with our range of Xtend Barre® classes designed to burn fat and sculpt muscle. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, our range of classes and levels will help you lengthen and strengthen. Anna Serafinas Luk, co-director of Flex, is a fully qualified Xtend Barre® Master Trainer. Under her guidance, our team of experienced and energetic instructors will challenge and improve your fitness and physique.

Xtend Barre® Multilevel

If you are looking for the ultimate workout to chisel your body, then look no further than the multilevel class. This is a fast-paced combination of sculpting exercises, Pilates and dance moves using both the mat and ballet bar. Using a series of stretches to lengthen and a series of isometric exercises to strengthen, this workout will proportionally cut down all areas of your body to help tone and sculpt.

Xtend Barre® Cardio Blast

If you are already familiar with the Xtend Barre® workout class, then why not take your training to the next level with this fast-paced, fat-burning cardio adaptation of the original class. Our fully qualified Xtend Barre® instructors will take you through a number of cardio exercises, each flowing seamlessly from one to the next. Expect to raise your heart rate and break a sweat as you work towards leaner muscle, flatter abs and the long, lean lines of a dancer. Add this class to your repertoire to really get results for your body.

Xtend Barre® Stick

Xtend Barre® Stick is a challenging repertoire that uses a specifically designed hand-held barre. It is attached to a ballet barre using a spring and provides an intense, resistance-based workout. Each class comprises of cardio exercises to warm you up before focusing on your upper body, lower body and abdominals. It draws upon the fundamentals of the original workout as you tone and sculpt your body with a high-intensity cardio workout. The spring-based resistance adds the challenge of Pilates’ stability, core training and cardio conditioning