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Flex’s professional workshops are run by experienced trainers and visiting international experts.

Detox, yoga, Pilates, AntiGravity, Teens, Kids, Sports Conditioning, Pre and Post Natal and many more, all designed to help you look and feel your best.

AntiGravity® AIRbarre Aerial Dance – Cardio and Choreography

May 18th 2.30pm – 5pm | Central  

AntiGravity® Cardio and Choreography workshop will introduce you to the AIRbarre technique and will incorporate Aerial Choreography designed by Master Instructor Tamer Begum. This workshop will give you the experience of creating fun, synchronized movement on the AntiGravity® Hammock to a select song. This unique combination of AIRbarre and Aerial Dance on the AntiGravity® Hammock help you gain core strength, developing balance, agility and learn aerial hammock performance tricks and flips.



Open to all levels, and a minimum of three (3) AntiGravity® classes is highly recommended for those who are new to the Harrison Hammock.

Early Bird Price: $788 (Book before 18th April) Standard Fee: $888


Yoga Wheel Workshop with Victor Chau

Island South Saturday 19th May 1pm – 3pm

Never seen a Yoga Wheel? You will soon! Dubbed by Elle Magazine as the “Most Popular Yoga Prop in 2018,” the Yoga Wheel is one of the BEST tools to help release a tight upper back and shoulders, correct poor postures, improve balance, strengthen the core and deepen backbends safely. Not only great for regular yoga goers, but perfect for office workers, athletes, crossfitters, runners, cyclists, golfers – you name it.

 The Yoga Wheel can be used as a supplement to yoga practice or – if your goal is to release a tight back –an entire sequence can be built around it.

 In this informative and fun workshop, learn the fundamental techniques of the wonderful wheel, ensuring a clear understanding of its full benefits and challenges while letting all that tension simply melt away. 

$600 or $550 if you buy before 1st May


Yamuna® Body Rolling for Better Circulation

Central Sunday 20th May – 1PM – 2.15PM

Island South Tuesday 22nd May 12.45PM – 2PM

Boost your immunity with powerful Yamuna® Body Rolling Techniques. Yamuna® Ball Rolling exercises focus on alignment, creating more space in the joints to stimulate smooth flow of the lymphatic system, so you can stay strong.

Yamuna® Body Rolling at Flex