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Fly High. Improve Your Yoga | Workshop Series

Tackle challenging asanas using the Harrison Hammock to train alignment, find support, and get deeper back bends, extensions, and balances. The workshop will include a flow practice on the mat and in the hammock. Dive into challenging inversions and arm balances, gain a stronger core, stretch further, and explore ways the hammock can elevate your yoga practice.


Central | Sunday 28 October | 4pm – 6pm 

Regular Price $600

Victor Chau

Handstand Inversions

Handstands – the beautiful expression of strength, grace and concentration – is the goal of many yoga practitioners and body movement enthusiasts alike. And yet it is one of the most challenging and exhilarating forms of practice. In this two-part workshop, yoga and handstand teacher Victor Chau will guide you through the many techniques of safely entering the handstand and play with its different variations.


Through pair work, you will play and handstand in a fun environment with a partner.


14 October 10AM – 1PM | One Island South 

The Foundations: Learn basic core strength conditioning, hands’ placements, shoulder opening and many more important skills to prepare yourself for a safe and sound handstand. This is where you will learn what it is like to stand on your handstands, correct alignment and how to conquer your fear. Beginners are welcomed, no prior experience required.


14 October 2PM – 5PM | One Island South

Handstand and Basic Hand Balancing: In this more advanced workshop, you will learn how to balance on your hands on your own, in the middle of the room. Different legs and arms variations, as well as alternative entries into handstands will also be introduced. You need to be able to kick up into handstand on your own, against the wall, to join this workshop. Otherwise, participation of Part 1 is required.

Only $1450 for both workshops if you book before 14 Sep, $1650 for both workshops thereafter

Post Natal

Post-Natal Recovery – Repairing Diastasis

Start your postpartum recovery in this fun, inspiring and personalised Post Natal Workshop with Flex’s senior Pilates instructor Nicole Serje.


31 October 11am – 12.30pm | One Island South and 12 November 11am – 12.30pm | Central 

Day 1: Participants are individually assessed for abdominal separation. Nic will gently guide you through key core-strengthening exercises to help bring back abdominal muscles for those with diastasis.


7 November 12pm – 1pm | One Island South and 19 November 11am – 12pm | Central 

Day 2: Advance the basic practices from the previous session. Continue to learn new and effective techniques for studio workouts or at home. Feel the renewed strength and control!


Only $600 for both workshops if you book before 30 Sep, $700 for both thereafter

Yamuna® Body Rolling

Yamuna® Body Rolling: Lower Back and Hips with Mika Childs

2 November 11.15am – 12.45pm | One Island South and 3 November 3pm – 4.30pm | Central 

Led by Mika Childs, this lower back and hips workshop is great for stiff lower back pain, herniated disks, or sciatica. The routine works to connect your abdominal muscles with your spine to support healthy lower back function. It also offers a very deep workout to improve flexibility and range of motion in your hips, reaching deep into your hip joints, accessing tight and worn out areas you might not be aware of, while also freeing your hips of restriction.

Only $480 if you book before 2 October, $550 thereafter

Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna® Body Rolling for Pelvic Floor and Prolapse with Yamuna Zake

16 November 11AM – 1PM | One Island South 

There are so many reasons why the pelvis becomes restricted. Both the physical and the psychological experiences of each person can greatly affect the health of the pelvis and the internal organs located here. The pelvis receives a great deal of weight bearing through life. This can cause a slow progressive tightening and compressing into the pelvic area. Over time this will limit freedom of movement and cause congestion and a decrease of circulation in the pelvic area.

Only $750 if you book before 16 Oct, $850 thereafter

Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna® Body Rolling for Abdominals with Anatomy with Yamuna Zake

16 November 3PM – 5PM | Central 

In this class you will learn what the center of your body really is and what it needs. We define the center as all the muscles, front, back and sides, between your pelvis and your ribs. When all these muscles are actually awakened they will hold the upper body upward. You will feel lighter in your pelvis and legs, and you will see the abdominal area toned and lengthened. This workshop is for everyone except if you are pregnant or have had abdominal surgery within the last three months. Please refrain from eating before class (light snack is alright).  The torso is where we trap all of our emotions and we tend to shield it with our arms. You will learn to clear away your emotional armor as you free the ribs. The workshop is suitable for everyone but ideal for people with scoliosis, shoulder problems and tight upper torso.
Only $750 if you book before 16 Oct, $850 thereafter
Yamuna Feet

Yamuna® Body Rolling for Hands/Wrists and Feet with Yamuna Zake

17 November 2.30PM – 4.30PM | Central 

In the times we are living, it is essential to include a self-care program for your hands and wrists. This master class will teach you how to de stress and increase full movement in your hands and wrists This master class will focus on improving alignment of the pelvis and all of its muscle attachments. It will focus on how to work all the pelvic floor muscles to create a strong toned pelvic foundation. Learning how to prevent and self adjust prolapses, and how to stimulate reproductive function will also be covered. 

Only $750 if you book before 16 Oct, $850 thereafter