Flex Pilates is designed to ensure you get the look you desire and the ability to improve every-day movement. Our mat and Allegro classes are based on proper breathing techniques to activate core-stabilizing muscles while discovering correct postural alignment of the spine, shoulder girdle and hips. The result is a strong, leaner body that displays notably improved flexibility, balance, coordination and posture.

Pilates Allegro Levels 1, 2, 3 & Multilevel

A dynamic and fast-paced class, the Allegro equipment allows participants to work on their own apparatus, guided through a series of exercises that target the so-called Powerhouse (abs, glutes, thighs and back muscles). Participants develop improved balance, coordination, flexibility and muscle tone. The spring resistance of the Allegro allows participants to challenge strength and stability in a safe environment.

Mat Pilates

A total body tone-up, fabulous for beginners and a great alignment-reminder for more experienced practitioners. This class focuses on the essential principles of Pilates work, targeting the Powerhouse (abs, back, butt, thighs). Mat work helps to develop improved posture and core control, which in turn allows practitioners to move effectively and efficiently. You’ll be surprised at how hard it is working with only a mat, but you’ll be delighted with the results!

Mat & Allegro

Mix it up with a combo of mat and Allegro exercises. Students should have prior Pilates experience, as they will move between the mat and the Allegro equipment, performing challenging exercises to fast-paced choreography. This class is for those who like the core control work offered in mat class, coupled with the stabilization and strengthening found with Allegro. Be prepared to work up an internal heat.

BLT (Bums, Legs & Tums)

The perfect class to tone, strengthen and reshape your BLT, areas which can be difficult to keep strong and lifted. This class will incorporate tough exercises at a brisk pace, with essential stretches to build lean muscles without the bulk – the real benefit of Pilates-based exercises versus circuit style training.

AB Blast

We know, we know – no matter what you do, you just can’t get that flat belly you used to have. Most workouts incorporate some abs, but not enough to really alter your physique. This class is a game changer. You will be pushed to your belly limits as you sculpt abs, whittle in your waist, and develop core oblique strength for better sports and everyday performance. The perfect top-up to your workout regime.

TRX Pilates Mat Flow

Love Pilates and are hooked on all its amazing benefits? Did you know that TRX works the core in every exercise, just like Pilates? With a slogan of “all core, all the time,” TRX exercises (created by a navy seal) demand constant abdominal engagement, relying on Pilates principles of proper activation. Working with the TRX can either challenge or assist traditional Pilates Mat repertoire, adding a new twist to your workouts, and is perfect for all levels and abilities, particularly sports people. This class is a must for anyone wanting to take their practice to the next level.

Fat Burn Pilates

This session starts with core Pilates abdominals on the mat, light resistance hand weights, and fitness-based sculpting and toning exercises. Using the Allegro jumpboard, walk, run and jump to increase your heart rate and work up a sweat. You may even find yourself skipping, swimming or even skiing, all on the reformer! Feel your whole body come alive, especially the abdominals, legs and definitely the glutes. Benefit from stronger muscles, joints and improved bone density. Not only will you feel the burn, you will also burn off unwanted calories!

Allegro/TRX Combo

For those who want to take their Pilates workout to a new level, this unique blend Allegro Pilates &TRX, will challenge your stamina and core strength, get your heart rate up and prevent muscle plateaus. Both TRX and Pilates focus on continual core activation: exercises are first performed on the Allegro to increase stabilization, then intensified as you perform them on the TRX. The spring tension of the Allegro forces muscles to work overtime with a healthy burn, while the TRX uses body weight and gravity to increase functional strength and endurance. Explore the versatility of the TRX as you perform classic Pilates moves with the added challenge of gravity resistance, and put your core to the ultimate test!

Tower Trios

Tower Trios

Cement your practice and see results faster with Hong Kong’s ONLY Pilates Towers (we have three), known worldwide as one of the most honest forms of equipment in use today. This vertical unit uses a variety of attachments – a roll-back bar, arm springs, leg – to form what we call the Tower of Truth, as the springs allow you to clearly see your weak spots and how you can improve immediately. Trios are an ideal way to work out in a small group and discover how you can move and feel better – sooner.