Flex is pleased to announce the launch of FLEXtreme, a targeted new fitness program focusing on strength, cardio and high intensity interval training. FLEXtreme’s three signature classes include: Sweat, Power and TRX® Circuit designed to get your heart in shape, sculpt your muscles and promote thermogenic fat-burning levels. Our new FLEXtreme Program Director, Andrea Ramirez Soto, has been in the fitness industry for 17 years, and brings a talented team of new instructors with her to Flex.

Transform yourself in 2018 with FLEXtreme and witness changes to your physical body, you never dreamed possible. All fitness levels are welcome.


This full body cardio workout utilizes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), named as the fastest growing and most popular group workout for 2018. Get ready to sweat, incinerate calories and test your limits as you push your body through circuits, resistance and core work.

Flex Sweat Flextreme
Flex Power FLEXtreme


Full-on strength training, Power uses traditional muscle building and resistance methods, such as combining weights, kettle balls, medicine balls and resistance bands with muscle contraction, ab/core exercises for active recovery and isometric moves that contribute to burning fat while building muscle.

TRX® Suspension Training

TRX suspension training delivers a fast, effective total-body workout whilst building a rock-solid core. Use your own body weight and gravity to work every muscle in your body with the help of one versatile tool.

Flextreme TRX
Flex Mama


Join our tribe of Hong Kong mamas for a perfect postnatal workout designed to help restore your pelvic floor, tone and strengthen your muscles while you connect with your body and meet other moms. The workouts combined functional training, body weight exercises, strength training exercises, low-impact cardio moves and pilates for you to trim back to pre baby weight and get you in your best shape ever. All fitness levels are welcome!