2019 January Detox

2019 January Detox with Jessica Williams

14th – 19th January

Join our holistic detox with supplements, daily yoga classes and nutrition lectures with Jessica Williams.

In this transformative detox, cleanse your digestive system and liver, the body’s two most important detoxification organs. Through the cleansing process you can expect to experience improved digestion, increased energy levels, clearer skin and a more focused mind. You will have the opportunity to break unhealthy habits and food addictions and replace them with ones that will serve your longterm health. You will be guided through a safe and effective cleansing program suitable for your individual needs. Yoga, meditation and pranayama will further aid your physical and emotional detox.

Program cost HK$3,900

Register by 31 Dec to receive 10% early bird discount.

Additional Service

Food intolerance testing (HK Bioteck labs) $2,800

* Please contact Kristine@flexhk.com directly for Consultation bookings