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Instructor Training

Flex Studio offers comprehensive, first rate teacher training courses across a variety of movement disciplines. Whether you are starting your journey to become a teacher, or seeking to enhance your skills, our teacher training programmes and intensives will provide you with the tools to enrich your practice.

360° Pilates: Wunda Chair Intensive with Benjamin Degenhardt

3rd – 5th November

These chairs are not for sitting — Joseph Pilates created a multitude of chairs that combine ergonomic furniture design with exercise possibilities. They serve as fine-tuning instruments for basic movement patterns as well as offering a learning environment for challenging athletic skills.

The Intensive covers the “anatomy” of the chair and common variations, as well as the unique repertoire of movements they were designed to support. For Instructors only!
(Not requiring prior participation in 360°)

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360° Pilates : Teaching Skills with Benjamin Degenhardt

11th – 12th November

From assessing ability levels to building a trustful relationship and appropriately selecting exercises for a student — there is so much more to teaching Pilates than knowing the exercises well. This workshop focuses on best practices in becoming a thoughtful teacher and covers verbal and tactile communication strategies as well as useful insights on learning psychology.

For Instructors only!
(Not requiring prior participation in 360°)

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AntiGravity® Fundamentals 1&2

2nd – 5th December

AntiGravity® Fundamentals 1 & 2 teacher training course will guide you through the fundamentals of using the Harrison Hammock while developing the foundation teaching tools used for all AntiGravity® Fitness techniques.


Fundamentals 1 & 2 is the foundation for all AntiGravity® Aerial Techniques. In this 4-day course, you will learn everything you need to instruct a safe and fun Fundamentals class on the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock. This course will open the doors for you to continue your education in either AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga, or AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness as well as any of our Secondary courses.


AG Fundamentals 1&2 provides the following CEUs: NASM: 1.6; AFAA: 15; Yoga Alliance: 32

AntiGravity® Kids Teacher Training

9th & 16th Dec 1-9pm
10th & 17th Dec 9am-5pm

It is a child’s inherent nature to laugh, swing, spin, climb, flip and play. When a child plays the spirit soars. This training provides the tools to share this gift of flight with our future generation. AntiGravity® Kids (Just Kids!) is a 4-day course, beta tested for 3 years, that is developmentally appropriate for ages 5-10. The teacher training course includes many progressive class designs. NASM & AFAA approved!

AG Just Kids 1&2 provides the following CEUs: NASM: 1.9; AFAA: 15 Time: 4 days. Every training day is an 8 hour day. Duration: 4 Minimum Requirements: AG Fundamentals 1 & 2

AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness 1

12th and 13th January 4pm – 8pm 

14th Jan 9am-5pm  

If you liked what you learned in the Fundamentals training and you want to continue your training in Suspension Fitness, this is the course for you! Learn the primary exercises of Antigravity techniques which includes a full body fitness regime to deliver to your clients strengthening, mobility, flexibility, and flips and tricks. 

AntiGravity® AIRbarre 

19th – 20th January 4pm – 8pm 

21st January 9am – 5pm 

As an award-winning Broadway Aerial Choreographer who brought the aerial arts to Broadway, Christopher Harrison is proud to announce AntiGravity® AIRbarre.

Dance develops ideal bodylines through the toning and lengthening of muscles, while also developing balance and agility.