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Here’s What Happens When a Family Gets Healthy

Meet Cindy and John Hetherington and their two girls, Teya (10) and Lila (8). The family (and pet dog, Buddy) resides at the jaw-dropping expanse of Bel Air estate in Pokfulam, their bright and breezy apartment perched on the 22nd floor with eye watering 90-degree views across the South China Sea. It’s Saturday and they’ve just eaten lunch at the Bel Air clubhouse restaurant, reached via a circular shiny white stone staircase that sweeps past replication masterpieces and intricate wall hangings. This Saturday, as with many others, Cindy has already … Continue reading

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How To Love The Yoga Poses You Hate

You’re feeling good, your body’s warmed up – and then the class moves on to a pose you find deeply challenging. But instead of gritting your teeth and clenching your jaw (yoga is not meant to be stressful!), pause and change the way you think about your least favourite pose. You might find this is the way to make peace with what holds you back from reaching your full potential with a pose. Or at least, not worry so much if you don’t. Remember, yoga is not a test. However, … Continue reading

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What Do Healthy People Do Each Morning?

The morning rituals of the mega successful have become aspirational for those seeking to find more energy and creativity in their day. But how do us mere mortals find habits that don’t involve snorkelling around our own private island at 5am, as per Richard Branson? To help find the perfect morning routine for you, we’ve asked four of Hong Kong’s healthiest people to give us an insight into what they do upon waking to ensure they stay on top of their game. The best part? You might find their morning habits … Continue reading

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The Perfect Nutrition-Packed Parfait Recipe

We all know it’s the little pleasures in life that bring a smile to our faces. So denying yourself something delicious to eat is futile. However, staying healthy is equally as important. Luckily, a very healthy Hong Kong lady, Denise Tam – founder of Food For Life and a holistic nutritionist – has created this delicious gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free (and seriously popular recipe for those undertaking Flex’s detox programs) to make your day. Cashew Cream Parfait Ingredients ALMOND BASE: 1 cup Organic Traditions Raw Almonds. 2 tbsp Organic … Continue reading

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What does a Healthy Pregnant Woman do? She Gets Moving!

Who better to ask about pre-natal wellness than a healthy pregnant woman? Victoria Tang – co-founder of creative agency Thirty30 Creative and the daughter of prominent businessman David Tang – says her pregnancy has not stopped her from enjoying an active lifestyle. We asked Victoria, now 35 weeks pregnant, to share her journey from working-out solo to bringing her bump to class. Q:        What kind of exercises/classes have you done when pregnant? A:        I’ve been on my spin bike at home, along with Xtend Barre, Pilates, HIIT (high intensity … Continue reading

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Five Easy Steps To Better Posture (no more texting neck!)

Good posture works wonders. Not only can it put an end to pain, but standing or sitting tall also helps us look longer, stronger and therefore more youthful. The problem? Many of us don’t know that little changes can go a long way to saving our necks and backs. But first, it’s a good idea to check how much slouching you do in the first place. “If you’re a sloucher,” Flex Trainer and Physiotherapist Donna Gee says, “your head will be forward and shoulders rounded. If you can’t tell by … Continue reading

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The Healthiest Oils For Cooking (and how to store them!)

Virgin? Coconut? Extra Light? Who really knows? Cooking your food with the most nutritious and safe oil should be easy. But with conflicting information out there, we don’t always know which to use and how long to keep them. Hong Kong-based Eating Behavior Specialist and a Transformational Holistic Health Coach, Tatiana Kuvardina, keeps it very simple. Here, shares her thoughts on getting the most from your oils: High Heat Cooking (roasting, for example): Choose coconut oil or ghee (ghee is butter simmered to separate the oil from the other components). … Continue reading

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Need energy during the day? The fabulous foodies at meal planning and delivery group NOSH have blessed us with this delicious and colorful chicken dish, designed to fire your taste buds and put a spring in your step. Inspired by Mexican and Peruvian cooking, it’s a dish that ticks all boxes. It tastes great and is full of protein, vegetables, fiber and low GI grains, so you can do all the things you need to do without losing steam. Just follow these easy NOSH guidelines for one super-food packed summer … Continue reading

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What To Wear To The Gym Right Now

You know a workout is much more likely when you look fashionable and fabulous (code: baggy t-shirts be-gone).
And with summer fast approaching, now’s the time to get warm-weather-ready by sliding into the chicest Athleisure looks to hit the racks. One look at what’s on the rack and you won’t be able to resist the street cred nor the comfort. Continue reading

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The One Thing That Changed This Dancer’s Body – For The Better

Katie Duff was a professional dancer and aerial performer at Disney parks in Japan and Hong Kong. To the observer, she was at her physical peak.
But something wasn’t right with her body. She was bulky in some areas and not feeling particularly fit.
“I was doing the same thing every day (as a performer) but not doing enough cardiovascular (work),” says the Flex instructor, who adds that parts of her body were weaker than others due to the repetitive nature of her routines. Continue reading

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Diary Of A Detox (Does She Miss The Wine?)

CJ Gurtin was tired. She was run-down, craving sugar and caffeine. There was no denying her body was telling her she needed a change.
Late last year, she decided it was time to try something new and gave a Chakra Flow Yoga class a go. There, she met homeopath and yoga teacher Michelle Ricaille, who runs regular detox programs. Next thing she knew, CJ was taking part in the New Year detox with Michelle. Continue reading

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Why You Don’t Love The Hundred (and how to make sure you do!)

Most people don’t understand ‘The Hundred’, originally Joseph Pilates’ first exercise in the mat work sequence, otherwise known as Reach and Pull. We’re all too busy thinking about lifting our legs, not letting bellies pop out, worrying about the neck. It’s exhausting…mentally speaking. Continue reading

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Six Simple Steps To An Oscar Worthy Glow

You might not be in the running for an Academy Award, but you can still get the dewy, fresh and healthy skin we’ll be seeing on the red carpet this awards season.
Emily Chang, former finance executive and founder and curator of natural skin care marketplace Beautegrity.com, stresses that less is more – and explains exactly how to get the glow – without a host of pore-clogging products. Continue reading

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What Does a Pilates Instructor Eat?

If you feel the need to overhaul your diet after the holidays but don’t know how to start, look no further than the experts.
Jessica Williams – mother, yoga and Pilates instructor and a holder of a Master’s of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition, as well as co-founder of nutrition supplement brand Body Awakening – changed her life with a diet that suited her needs. Continue reading

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Digestion wars: alkaline v acidic foods

If forgoing your favorite treats and foods sounds too much like hard work this new year, try this mindset; choosing alkaline foods over acidic. While the body is designed to balance its pH whatever we eat, the foods that fall into the alkaline category are, categorically, healthier for us. You’ll be piling into veggies and fruit, pulses, seeds and herbs and minimizing your intake of sugar and processed foods, meat and dairy, soft drinks, coffee and alcohol. “Focusing on your acid-alkaline balance in the body is an important part of maintaining health,” says Jessica Williams, Flex instructor, co-founder of Body Awakening and a holistic nutritionist. Continue reading

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