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Why You Don’t Love The Hundred (and how to make sure you do!)

Most people don’t understand ‘The Hundred’, originally Joseph Pilates’ first exercise in the mat work sequence, otherwise known as Reach and Pull. We’re all too busy thinking about lifting our legs, not letting bellies pop out, worrying about the neck. It’s exhausting…mentally speaking. Continue reading

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Six Simple Steps To An Oscar Worthy Glow

You might not be in the running for an Academy Award, but you can still get the dewy, fresh and healthy skin we’ll be seeing on the red carpet this awards season.
Emily Chang, former finance executive and founder and curator of natural skin care marketplace, stresses that less is more – and explains exactly how to get the glow – without a host of pore-clogging products. Continue reading

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What Does a Pilates Instructor Eat?

If you feel the need to overhaul your diet after the holidays but don’t know how to start, look no further than the experts.
Jessica Williams – mother, yoga and Pilates instructor and a holder of a Master’s of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition, as well as co-founder of nutrition supplement brand Body Awakening – changed her life with a diet that suited her needs. Continue reading

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Digestion wars: alkaline v acidic foods

If forgoing your favorite treats and foods sounds too much like hard work this new year, try this mindset; choosing alkaline foods over acidic. While the body is designed to balance its pH whatever we eat, the foods that fall into the alkaline category are, categorically, healthier for us. You’ll be piling into veggies and fruit, pulses, seeds and herbs and minimizing your intake of sugar and processed foods, meat and dairy, soft drinks, coffee and alcohol. “Focusing on your acid-alkaline balance in the body is an important part of maintaining health,” says Jessica Williams, Flex instructor, co-founder of Body Awakening and a holistic nutritionist. Continue reading

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Why are celebs so in love with Pilates?

As if Pilates wasn’t already one of the leading body-mind workouts, it also has numerous celeb ambassadors who just can’t get enough. You don’t have to look far on the Internet to read flowing praise for Josef Pilates’ Contrology. Where Madonna and Gwyneth lead, others follow. Andy why do they love it? For the resulting red carpet bodies, perfect posture, for helping them wave goodbye to stress and being such an easily personalised workout. And these reasons, among others, is why it is so good for anyone – whether you’re a celeb, a time-poor mum or a super-stressed business person. Here are some of the most inspiring endorsements we found… Continue reading

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Defying Gravity with the Pilates Powerhouse

Most people associate Pilates with the core, and they’re not wrong. However, Joseph Pilates’ Contrology movements all initiate from what he called the Pilates Powerhouse, and the powerhouse is so much more than the core. Comprising the abdominals, the buttocks and the inner thighs, when these multiple layers of muscles are powered up, along with the pelvic floor, they create a column of strength for the spine. Continue reading

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Kids can fly at Flex! And they love it…

Anna Agawa is one of Flex’s two aerial instructors. She recently took some time out of her FlexKids and Teens aerial class to find out exactly what it was that the kids loved about playing around in silks. Apart from how much fun they have, it’s the swinging and the flipping they love. And most of them find it helps with their flexibility, strength and other sports, plus adds to their confidence too. Continue reading

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New Year Motivation – from Flex’s inspirational instructors

Everyone has their own favorite way of spending the turn from an old year to a new one, whether it is about hibernating with family or painting the town red with friends. Here, some of the instructors from our Flex family share their plans and also give some valuable advice on how to start the new year in fine fitness style. Continue reading

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The skinny on busting fat – new year, new body!

If you think that cutting down on all fatty foods and scheduling long exercise sessions are key to burning fat, then think again. If you exercise, eat and live smart, you can burn excess fat, maintain a healthy body fat level and reap additional lifestyle benefits like mental clarity, emotional resilience and better sleep. Flex instructors Michelle Ricaille and Megan Farrugia give us the skinny on all things fat busting, focusing on dietary and exercise respectively… Continue reading

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Elvin Beh – 3 specialities, 1 instructor

Flex instructor Elvin Beh has taught Pilates and Gyrotonic for some time, but earlier this year he fell in love with Xtend Barre. Originally from Malaysia, he moved to Hong Kong 22 years ago. He had taken up ballet as a hobby at age five, and it became his career despite an early ambition to be a business administrator or economist. A professional dancer with the Hong Kong Ballet Company for seven years, in 2004 he certified in Pilates BASI method and in 2006 the Gyrotonic Expansion® System. Now a teacher of XB too, he brings his multiple talents to Flex’s team. Continue reading

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Top 10 detox hacks for 2017

The end of the year brings so much fun and celebration, but it also has us feeling at our most challenged. There’s the influx of irresistible food and drink. The focus on friends and family is delightful but somehow takes precedence over fitness. Plus the toll of a long year and the need for a break looms larger than ever, psychologically as well as physically. Here are our top 10 ways to hack the beginning of 2017. Add a few of these to your fresh, new and bright outlook for the new year and you’ll take the edge of that sluggish, tired, run down person you were at the end of 2016. Continue reading

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Blossom again, post birth

Post birth, the natural instinct of a mother is to focus on their new baby, as well as any older siblings and their husband. Her own needs come at the very bottom of the food chain. However, it is vital for mothers to focus on themselves as a priority at this time. Recovering and restoring through nurturing, optimal nutrition and resting is essential, not only for them, but also for the entire family’s health. However hard it is to prioritize yourself as a new mother, the foundation of post birth recovery is self-care. Sofie Jacobs of Urban Hatch talks you through how to blossom post birth. Continue reading

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The secrets to pain-free backbends

Do you have memories of being able to bend over backwards as a kid? I remember it being easy and intuitive back then, but fast forward to today and now they’re a bit creaky, hard work to breathe through and some can be painful too. From cow and locust through up-dog and cobra to camel, wheel and pigeon, backbends are some of the most rejuvenating and recharging moves you can make on a mat – helping reverse crunched postures, hydrating and nourishing the spine, improving lower back pain and lifting the mood. Flex yoga instructor Dr Abhishek Agrawal explains how they work, and how to make them safe and beneficial. Continue reading

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Fun, challenging and safe – why Pim loves XB

Originally from Melbourne, Pim Sereika has lived in Hong Kong for nearly three years and is a physiotherapist with a special interest in women’s health and clinical Pilates. Here, however, she tells us about why she loves Xtend Barre, highlighting how effective it is, but also from her professional standpoint, how safe it is too. Continue reading

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Eat balanced to stay healthy, says chef Maria Bizri

Maria Bizri of Pomegranate Kitchen fell in love with the hustle and bustle and the art of cooking and sharing food in the kitchen as a child growing up in Beirut and Damascus. Despite numerous careers since then, she returned to food when she opened catering and events company Pomegranate Kitchen in 2011. She believes that you don’t need to be vegetarian or vegan to eat healthily and her dishes reflect that with lean lamb, beef, chicken and fish paired with beautiful produce and grains in a Mediterranean meets the Orient concept. Continue reading

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