Transformation Begins Here – Sculpt, Tone, Strengthen, Stretch.

Work hard, get results with Flex’s premium training, specialising in Pilates, Yoga, Xtend Barre, AntiGravity® Fitness and Cardio Conditioning.


Originating from a technique created by Joseph H. Pilates more than 70 years ago, Pilates movements are based on proper breathing techniques, which activate core stabilizing muscles, segmental articulation of the spine, organization of the shoulder girdle and ribcage, and proper postural alignment of the spine on lower extremities. The result is a strong, long, lean body that displays notably improved flexibility, balance, coordination and posture.


Take your yoga practice off the mat and into the hammock! Find your traditional postures reinvented in the fabric giving new challenges to alignment, strength and flexibility. Release your spine in decompressing inversions and enjoy deeper backbends.

Xtend Barre

Looking to tone and sculpt your body to achieve the lean and long figure of a dancer? Flex Studio has the answer with our range of Xtend Barre classes designed to burn fat and sculpt muscle. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, our range of classes and levels will help you lengthen and strengthen. Anna Serafinas Luk, co-director of Flex, is a fully qualified Xtend Barre Master trainer. Under her guidance, our team of experienced and energetic instructors will challenge and improve your fitness and physique.

Cardio Conditioning

Get lean and toned with this intensive cardio and core workout. Combining short bursts of high and variable intensity cardio training to blast fat with conditioning exercises to sculpt lean sleek muscles, this class will give you a metabolic blast that’s been proven to keep burning calories for over 24 hours afterwards. A total body workout for all levels of fitness from beginners upwards. Get ready for a variable intensity cardio circuit to work all major muscle groups, including a lower intensity strength circuit and an abs circuit. Hand weights, jump ropes, kettle bells and ViPRs will be used to challenge the workout. Suitable for all levels.

AntiGravity® Fitness

Flex is now THE home for the most comprehensive and professional aerial yoga practice. AntiGravity® is the brainchild of Christopher Harrison; a pioneer in the aerial arts and the originator of the Suspension Fitness and Aerial Yoga genres. His original method involves the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock – aiming to improve physique and health.

Kids & Pre / Post Natal

Children have young, growing bodies with different needs to those of an adult. Our instructors have been very careful to consider this when designing each type of fitness class we offer for kids. Our team of qualified instructors will introduce your kids to simple yet exciting routines tailored specifically for their age group, ensuring the best possible results in a safe and supportive environment.