Hong Kong’s Most Comprehensive Pilates, Yoga, Barre and Fitness Center

Striving to be a leaner, healthier you? Want to improve your flexibility and strength? Flex Studio has you covered; with both personal and group classes available to tone and sculpt, we’ll help you achieve your fitness goals. From kids to adults, beginners to advanced, our team of fully qualified instructors in HK will help motivate and guide you to peak physical condition.


We Offer An Extensive Range Of Fitness Classes To Choose From

Flex Studio is Hong Kong’s most comprehensive Pilates, yoga and barre studio. We offer complete training in Private Pilates, Group Pilates Classes, Yoga Classes, Xtend Barre (a rigorous barre workout) and Cardio & Conditioning Classes.
We also offer Flying Pilates, an aerial workout for adults and teens using a suspended hammock, in addition to pre/postnatal conditioning and recovery classes. To provide holistic wellness information and improve practice, we also regularly run workshops and to ensure your total well-being, we offer Physical Therapy services including Clinical Pilates, massage and physiotherapy.
FlexKids, our after-school program, encourages children to participate in exercise at an early age and develop healthy habits for life. Our dynamic and fun classes run by specialist kid’s instructors include yoga, Pilates and martial arts.


Enrich Your Mind And Body With Our Team of Professionals

Whether it’s Pilates, yoga or fitness, our team of fully qualified instructors will keep you motivated to achieve results. Group sizes are kept to a minimum to allow for more personalised attention, whilst helping to ensure correct technique and safety. Our fitness centers in HK are open to people of any age or fitness level; our caring instructors will help you find the best approach to achieve your fitness goals in either private or group sessions. Our two convenient locations in central Hong Kong and One Island South mean anyone can enjoy our fitness, yoga and Pilates classes.  


What Are You Waiting For?

Become a fitter, healthier, happier you. Take the first step and view our schedule online to check availability and make a booking for any of our classes. Or please contact us for further information.